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This is How To Love!

Love Without Conditions

Singles: Once a condition is attached, there is a problem already. Let me give you examples.

If you love me, you will offer me your body. Well, the reality is that you are not married, and you are not supposed to be doing that. You can speak grammar, you can argue it, you can defend yourself, you can pacify your conscience, but what is wrong is wrong! Pre-marital sex is wrong! Period! God does not approve it and getting into that clime will ensure God´s favor is lost! That will not be your portion!

A lot of singles who are after money will do everything including compromising their relationship integrity, well that will no longer be love! We all know that God Himself is love! Once God is not involved, it wouldn’t be love any longer.

Additionally, anybody who doesn’t know God, and doesn’t obey God will not be able to love you the right way!

Couples: We are to love our spouses unconditionally! It´s called agape love, the kind of love with which God loves us. It’s a love without conditions. Imagine if God were to love us with conditions, we certainly would not survive that arrangement. Instead, the scripture tells us he died for us while we are yet sinners.

Rom 5:8 (KJV) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

If you love your spouse with conditions, that marriage might not survive! That is the plain truth.

As couples, you have to love without retaliations, expectations, and reservations.

This involves operating in quick forgiveness. Somebody said and I believe that a great union is one of two quick forgivers.

Let go of that animosity and bickering and love one another the way God wants it. That way, you can be sure of God’s blessings and favor over yourselves, your family, and home.

Good morning!

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