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This Is For Every Lady And Wife. Yesterday, I started writing about how to know if he will not marry you. I will conclude today and I will be writing to singles and married.

4. Authority figures are involved

This Is For Every Lady And Wife

For wives, the greatest thing you can encourage your husband to do is to make sure he submits to at least one authority figure! Such a person will be a mutual mentor to both of you whom you can listen to. There will be days you will need somebody like that to speak into your lives. 

Singles, you can be very sure he will not marry you eventually if he avoids any authority figures in your plans. 

“Don’t let’s talk to our parents now.”

“I don’t want pastors to know for now.”

“Let’s keep this between the two of us only.”

A relationship like this that is isolated and exists only between the two of you is the easiest to end. This Is For Every Lady And Wife

5. Perpetual  life of unfaithfulness

Dear wives, do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Your response is important at this time.

Fighting, resorting to anger, retaliating by going out too, and such attitudes would not help. The best you can do is to have your spouse’s back which will begin with him being sincere! Sincerity shows a window for repentance. Denial is a bad sign. Talk. Communicate. Seek help.

“But pastor I don’t want to expose him?”

Well, he will soon expose you if you are not careful and everybody will blame you why you kept quiet and allowing fire to keep burning on the roof of your house!

For singles, you have discovered more than once that he is cheating on you. He keeps begging you that he won’t do it again. But you keep discovering from time to time.

The question is what are you doing with such a person? It is just a matter of time. If somebody is committed to you, he will focus on you.

Let’s even assume he gets married to you. He has been trained to be unfaithful, so you will need to live with that.

And then when you catch him again after marriage, he drops the bomb,

“But you know me before you got married to me! These girls are always disturbing me, what do you want me to do?”

He just told you that you will have to live with it.

May God bless our relationships and marriages. This Is For Every Lady And Wife


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