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These Four Things Will Bring Regret. Regret is one of the sad things that can happen to anyone. It is a terrible feeling that leaves one feeling guilty, depressed, and sometimes despondent. It is a feeling of, ‘If I had known it will turn out this way, I would not have done it’. It is a feeling of wishing things never turned out the way they are. A feeling of wishing one can turn back the hands of time.

A feeling of hopelessness. What makes regret bad is that with all these feelings, really you cannot change what has happened. It is like crying over spilled milk. My prayer to a lady out there this morning experiencing great regret is that God will turn things around for your good. He will show you great mercy and bring a testimony out of the trial. Most of the time, the things that will later cause sorrow or regret don’t look like it and that’s what makes it painful.

You never thought in your wildest imagination he can jilt you, you never thought after promising you heaven and earth he could sleep with you, abandon you for another lady and accuse you. The list could be endless. But for every blow of the devil, God has more than enough grace and mercy to heal. However, I believe prevention is better than cure and God will have us move into maturity while we know what to do and what will bring regret later and avoid doing them. Particularly ladies, they get to bare the brunt and feel the heat of hurt most of the time, May God help us in Jesus.

These Four Things Will Bring Regret
1. Becoming emotionally attached to  someone who is not ready to marry you 

Emotional attachment is a dangerous place to be because at that time you are not ready to reason nor willing to hear advice, direction, or instructions even from God. When emotions are involved, it’s like going on a sloppy, slippery road, descent is easiest and becomes unavoidable. Don’t be quick to get your emotions involved, do your findings first, pray, and ask questions. Be slow to get emotional. Don’t give your emotions the lead or the driver’s seat in your relationship, it will lead to an accident.

On the other hand for the married, emotional attachment is necessary, as it also reflects the one flesh principle in marriage. This emotional attachment with your spouse helps you to relate on a deeply emotional level and that connectedness helps your marriage and even your prayer life. Anything that will threaten that connection should not be allowed.

I will stop here this morning and conclude tomorrow with “These Four Things Will Bring Regret”

The Lord is my strength today in all I do

Lord, give me the wisdom to avoid regrets in Jesus’ name

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? Shew us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation (Psalms 85:6-7 KJV)

Decide to live above regrets and focus on the future

John 17


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