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The Whistle of God Against Your Enemies Part 3

We started writing on this two days ago. We continue today.

In a football game, the whistle is put to many uses.

The whistle is used to start play, 1st or 2nd half, and after a goal

But it is also used to stop play

1. for a free kick or penalty kick
2. if the match is suspended or abandoned
3. when a period of play has ended due to the expiration of time 

We conclude on No.3

3. When a period of play has ended due to the expiration of time

You know what?
I am here to announce to you this morning that the operations of the enemy in your life have expired!

God has blown the whistle on them!
Your time is here!

Shout it if you can “My time is here!”

When your season comes, no man can stop you. All of hell combined cannot stop you!

The time to favour you is now!

I curse every delay in your life!

I terminate every spirit behind rejection and abandonment in your marital pursuit in Jesus’ name!

Every work of the devil, manipulation through dreams, sexual dreams, spirit husband, spirit wife, dreams of delays, be expired today in Jesus name!

1 John 3:8b (KJV) 
…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

God has blown the whistle on the enemy of your soul!

I declare by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will rise from those disappointments. 

You will share your testimonies.

God will honor your labour of love.

God will compensate your heart of service with a beautiful and godly marriage

God will honor your seeds, and your partnership and have respect unto your offerings!

God will cause your mouth to laugh at the points where you have cried.

God will cause your feet to dance at the points you have mourned.

God will decorate your destiny with His glory!

So shall it be for you, in the name of Jesus whose I am and whom I serve!

The God behind this mandate will avail for you!

God’s angel will pave the way for you in your marital endeavours.

You will not regret.
You are blessed!


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