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The Whistle of God Against Your Enemies Part 2 

In a football game, the whistle is put to many uses.

The whistle is used to start play, 1st or 2nd half, and after a goal

But it is also used to stop play

1. for a free kick or penalty kick
2. if the match is suspended or abandoned
3. when a period of play has ended due to the expiration of time 

We started writing on this yesterday! If you missed it, check it out below 

We looked at the first instance yesterday, We continue today.

Psalms 9:5 (MSG) 
You blow the whistle on godless nations; you throw dirty players out of the game, wipe their names right off the roster.

2. If a match is suspended or abandoned

A whistle is used when a match is suspended or abandoned.

Were you abandoned by a supposed lover?

Was the marriage plan suspended after you announced the date and the boo on Facebook?

Did you have to change “Engaged” to “It’s complicated?”

Have you had to change “Single” to “Engaged” and then back to ‘Single” and then “Engaged” over and over again?

I have good news for you!

God is about to blow the whistle on your behalf.

He or she might have abandoned you, but God has not rejected you!

That is all that matters!

If he leaves you, let him go! Maybe his name is Abed-ne-go!

If she leaves you, let her go! Maybe she is not qualified to handle the greatness of your future which she cannot see now!

Never beg a guy to stay with you who wants to go. Let him go. In his heart, he is gone. If you beg him to stay and he stays, he is staying to leave soonest, after enjoying more sexual escapades from you!

 If he gets to marry you, you will need to keep begging him all through your life!

The rejection of man often becomes the direction of God!

Rise from the doldrums of that agony and move into the joy of the Lord that awaits you!

The wedding plan might have stopped, but don’t stop your life. God is the referee!

For married couples, do you feel abandoned by your spouse? Do you feel neglected? What could be their distractions? Work, friends, colleagues, immediate family? Whatever it is, God is blowing His whistle on all distractions in your marriage that are causing a sense of abandonment and neglect! 

Your Spouse will focus on you and cherish you all over because God is blowing the whistle on all distractions in Jesus’ name!

We will conclude tomorrow 


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