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The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue? This is a good topic to discuss on Valentine day. Lust will be in the air. It will be so easy to compromise, so you want to be careful who you are with today. This is not the day to connect with an ex that you were sexually involved with in the past. This is not the day to attend a poolside party. Keep yourself and do not lose your testimony because of Valentine. The day will come and go!

How do you know if you have a problem with lust as it relates to sexuality? Here are some indications. The list is not exhaustive, but here are some indications garnered from counselling times. 

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The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue?

1. You always want to preach to the opposite gender

You have been reborn. You are God’s child. You even proclaim the word of God. However, you are always trying to preach to the opposing gender. You will always be discovered with ladies as a guy. It is even more difficult if you are already married. You are never led to men as though the Gospel is unnecessary for them. You may be dealing with lust without realizing it, and the devil is assisting you in covering it up with religion. On the surface, a person is filled with fire and passion to serve God, but beneath the surface, lust is raging and ready to erupt at the slightest provocation.

2. Your whole group of buddies is of the opposite gender.

Another sign is if all of your friends are of the opposite gender. There isn’t a single person that shares your gender as a friend. You should examine your heart and inquire as to why it is this way.

The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue?

3. You enjoy romantic films and songs.

You are born again and serve God, but you also enjoy watching romance movies in an addictive manner. You explain yourself by saying, well, it’s not technically pornography, therefore you’re fine. However, those scenes would imprint on your mind and cause major problems later on. When God says to keep your eyes on His word and not on romance movies, He means it! You are simply living the lust vicariously through the characters in the movies.

4. You enjoy reading romance novels.

If you’ve been addicted to romantic novels, you may have a lust issue. Eventually, everything you’ve read will try to overwhelm you with your ideas and even give your life direction. You’ll almost want to go to the beach and wait for that lovely man to materialize out of nowhere, racing towards you in slow motion and sweeping you off your feet! Get up!

The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue?

5. You enjoy speaking with others and occasionally disguise yourself.

There is a problem if you have been caught impersonating someone on social media. Impersonation allows you to say whatever you want without being identified as the perpetrator. If you enjoy chatting with attractive women or men and asking them out, you may have a significant lust issue.


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