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The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue? Part 2 

6. You send out confusing signals to multiple people

You are lying when you pick up your phone and simultaneously send the identical “love” text to seven different people, proclaiming your love. You give the impression that you are evaluating their spiritual condition before dropping the bomb. I’ll give you an illustration.

“Hullo Sister Sube, I hope your time in service today was lovely. I know this because I could see God’s splendor shining on you. I’d want to meet with you whenever it’s convenient for you. Keep in mind that God loves you, and so do I!”
Now you send this to about seven sisters and wait for the green lights, this is nothing more than lust!

The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue? Part 2 

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7. You truly hope that God will permit polygamy in your thoughts. 

You mull it over and truly wish God will simply approve that clause. Even though David had multiple wives and God still loved him, you may be thinking that it is not a sin. When you think in this way, you are already swimming in lust rather than merely standing on the side of the pool. You should read your Bible more often.

8. You discover that you frequently have sex in your dreams mostly with faceless people

If you frequently have sexual dreams, there may be a connection between those dreams and your current thinking. Actually, there is a demonic problem there that needs to be resolved.

The Ultimate Checklist: Is There Lust Issue? Part 2 

9. When conversing or given the chance, you love touching people of the opposing gender. 

Simply put, you like “tapping current!” That could be a lust problem! As of the last time I looked, speaking should be done with the mouth, not the hands, so stop tapping your fingers constantly!

10. It’s challenging for you to reflect on God’s word. 

Finally, you have trouble reflecting or meditating on God’s word. This is due to the fact that you cannot think about two things at once. God’s word is either present or not. In actuality, reflecting on God’s word is one of the quickest ways to clear your mind of bad thoughts. Over time, your mind will be refreshed if you immerse yourself in God’s word.

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