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The Strong Desire That Comes With Love

Here is a story of two lovers

Son 2:3-7 (MSG)  
As an apricot tree stands out in the forest, my lover stands above the young men in town. All I want is to sit in his shade, to taste and savor his delicious love.  

Well, born again or not, there is a strong desire that comes with falling in love.

If you like, speak in tongues till tomorrow, this desire will not go.

But what can be subdued is lust that often wants to tag along, like Lot tagged along with Abraham.

Yes, the desire will not go, because there is nothing wrong with the desire, it is the fulfillment of the desire at the wrong time that gets us into trouble.

So, all you want when you fall in love is to sit down in each other’s shade, with feelings of wanting to taste and savor the delicious love.

The Strong Desire That Comes With Love

I felt like that. She felt like that. But we waited. You can wait as well.

No matter how intense the desire is, do not taste that love before the wedding.

Tasting love and consummating your love before the wedding is like stealing a lump of hot meat from the pot of stew before it is ready.

Your taste bud gets burnt and you can lose your sense of taste, which ultimately leads to tasting more pot of stew that doesn’t belong to you! 

If you have already started doing this as singles, then there is a clarion call this morning to stop and now get yourself onto unnecessary problems that are never part of your destiny! 

The Strong Desire That Comes With Love

For married couples, you are licensed to sit in his shade, to keep tasting, relishing, and delighting in each other’s love! What is forbidden here is looking outside for pleasure. You are now married, you can admire others but shouldn’t desire them.

You now need to focus on the one you have married and pleasure one another. To look outside is not only greed and covetousness but also lust, which your maker frowns at! Dear husband, dear wife, FOCUS!


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