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The Rose and The Lily of Our Love Life 

Ade and Sade! What a rhyme in their nomenclature! The rotundity of her backside gives you goose pimples. The strength of veins in his arm tickled your insides. Their love seemed made out of the very heavens, when they met! Everything seemed to click. The lips, hips and tips all fell in place! Their heats would vibrate upon setting eyes on each other! They eventually got married, and then the winds and the storms arrived in quick successions. Their love were tried. They vacillated between the cross road of “ Irreconcilable differences” and “My marriage will not crash”

Their love became doubtful. They spoke angrily to each other. Hot words were thrown as arrows, causing damages within. 

What happened?

The Rose and The Lily of Our Love Life

They started with the rose but could not handle the lily! 

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The rose of Sharon talks about the beauty, the effulgence of cuteness and prettiness all rolled together. This is what often bring you together. 

You so much loved one another that nobody else existed. Even God was sometimes put at bay! Baba nla mistake! 

You both wanted to stay with the fragrance, shape  and the aroma of the rose! The rotundity of her backside gives you goose pimples. The strength of veins in his arm tickled your insides.

Life seems like a perpetual ecstasy! 

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The Rose and The Lily of Our Love Life

I remember promising my fiancee back then, in 1996, after I asked her out, that I will never quarrel with her, because I loved her so much. Was I drunk? Probably drunk in love! 

Have we quarrelled? Ha! O ti poju! You start promising all kind of impossible things because of rush or adrenalin. 

Till you discover that life is mountain and valleys! 

The problem is that there are no roses in the valleys! You would be inundated with lilies!

Song of Solomon 2:1-2 (KJV)
I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. [2] As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

Surrounded by marital thorns, you became overwhelmed.

You now begin to ask funny questions.

Did I really hear God?

Haba! You did not hear God and you went down the aisle, forsook, your parents, dropped their names and took another, cried some crocodile tears on wedding day, and exploded into joy and laughter as you proceeded to honey moon! 

Haba! You heard God! Or who did you hear before you took all that risk!

Life is about roses and lilies! Mountains and Valleys! 

In the valley, stay together and navigate your way back to the Mountain! 

Don’t drop your spouse because the roses seemed to have died and you are choked in between thorns!

Marriage is about staying other, through thick and thin! 

This matter is deep o, but I will rest it here and we will still visit it! 

Have a fantastic day ahead of you! 


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