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The Mystery About Intimacy Part 2 – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Continued from yesterday

Anatomy of Marriage: Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women
Men and women think differently – men think deeper while women think faster.

Women use both hemispheres of the brain, allowing them to multitask, while men use one side at a time.

This leads to differences in how they approach and respond to various situations.

Example: A woman can juggle multiple tasks like answering the phone, comforting a crying baby, and tending to the stove, while a man may struggle to do more than one thing at a time.

Understanding Women.

Women are more emotionally driven and require consistent emotional support from their partners.

Women are “multipliers” – they tend to magnify whatever is given to them, whether positive or negative.

Women respond better to words of affirmation and public displays of affection.

Women have a stronger memory for details compared to men.

Example: A wife may feel emotionally unfulfilled if her husband does not regularly express his love and appreciation for her. This can lead to resentment and conflict in the marriage.

Understanding Men.

Men are more rational and logical in their thinking.

Men are less easily persuaded and need more evidence to be convinced.

Men tend to be more egotistical and protective of their egos.

Men are often risk-takers and prefer fewer words.

Men dislike nagging and prefer to be recognized for their achievements.

Example: A husband may be satisfied after a brief intimate encounter, while his wife still desires more intimacy and connection.

Differences in Intimacy Life.

A man’s intimacy life is like a “piece of paper that catches fire” – it’s quick and intense

A woman’s intimacy life is like “charcoal” – it takes time and effort to ignite and sustain.

This is why a woman may feel unsatisfied if her partner finishes too quickly.

Interconnected Life

A woman’s life is not compartmentalized like a man’s – everything is interconnected

If a woman has unresolved issues or past trauma, it can affect her intimate intimacy in marriage.

Men need to be patient and understanding of their wife’s emotional and psychological needs.

Example: A wife who has been previously raped may struggle with intimacy and have a negative perception of intimacy, which can impact her marriage.


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