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The Judge and The Judged Of Your Love Life

The Bible instructs us to judge ourselves so that we are not judged. In other words, judge yourself always!

According to the Bible,

1Co 11:31 
For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.

So, in a practical sense, let us utilize yardsticks to evaluate ourselves.

1. How has my prayer and devotional life been?

This, to a considerable measure, decides your connection with God. Have you remained consistent? If you haven’t already, you should make new promises to do so.

If you want your relationship with your lover to be successful, you must first fall in love with God! That’s a lot of wisdom for you!

The Judge and The Judged Of Your Love Life

2. Have I been walking in love?

You are a person. You’ve got toes. There are other people. They have unintentionally stepped on your lovely toes. However, you must forgive and go on.

Do you have somebody on your unforgiving list? You must let go. Don’t allow someone to stymie your spiritual development, since an unforgiving attitude will.

What fresh things have they done for you? How much pain have they inflicted on you that Jesus did not experience? Do you realize the devil fights those he fears? Don’t you realize it’s your fantastic future that’s at stake? What if your family threw you into the pit? What if your family led you to become a houseboy/housegirl? Joseph went through all that!

Forgive and let go, my dear. You will have better days ahead of you. Refuse to be sour. If you do not forgive, your heavenly Father will not forgive you, according to Jesus.

The Judge and The Judged Of Your Love Life

3. Have I been compromising?

You occasionally lose your balance. As long as it is a mistake, God makes allowances. Perpetual sin will destroy you. If it was only a mistake, you should seek God for forgiveness and move on.

If you find yourself repeating the same sin over and over, it’s time to put a stop to it. You can’t go on like this. In the name of the Lord, I implore you to make a decision to stop today! Divorce that life on iniquity, disconnect from that bond of iniquity, and decide to live for God!

God bless you!


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