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The Child In Your Lover and Spouse. It was first an intense attraction, then it became an unending attrition of the same attraction. The Johnsons loved each other so much, and yes it was evident. However, after the wedding, a lot of hidden issues surfaced and they didn’t seem to know how to handle them. 

The stubborn posture of the couple added to their issues. Mrs. Johnson believed her husband did not love her, again! Mr. Johnson believed that his wife no longer respected her. Her disrespectful cycle seems so incessant and makes it impossible to love her, so he said!

She said, “I can’t respect you because you don’t love me.” He said I can’t love you because you don’t respect me. It became a vicious cycle, and they landed on an endless rope of frequent quarrels over their posture.

First, they forgot they are to love one another unconditionally, but they had unwittingly attached conditions. 

Secondly, they brought their items of baggage and hard-lined opinions from their past into their marriage and they were unwilling to unlearn to learn!

In the story we have been looking at concerning the boy that Jesus healed of dumbness and deafness, I want you to take note of something. Jesus asked the father of the boy that was healed a very important question and I want you to see his response. 

Mar 9:21 (KJV)
And he asked his father, How long is it ago since this came unto him? And he said,

The Child In Your Lover and Spouse

His affliction, or his inability to speak started when he was a little child. 

Dear husband and wife, most of the issues you are dealing with in marriage now have been there since your spouse was a child.

Dear single in courtship, you are not only engaged to that guy or lady, there is a little boy and little girl in everybody! 

Marriage then becomes a place of patience, a place of prayers, a place of adapting, and a place of continual forgiveness. 

Your spouses’ attitudes, opinions, way of life, dispositions, and many more have been there since childhood. 

You may be unable to change them overnight.

Patiently and lovingly humble yourselves and work together. God knows that when you lovingly come together in agreement, you will overcome any issues.

Take note of these three things in dealing with The Child In Your Lover and Spouse

  1. Be selfless.
  2. Be forgiving 
  3. Be Patient 

God bless you. Have a great day! 


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