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Ten Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Partner’s Efforts

In this article, we’ll explore the ten ways to show appreciation for your partner’s efforts and pragmatically express your love.

1. Verbal Affirmation.

Choose moments with your partner, look into their eyes, and lovingly tell them what their efforts mean. Let sincerity ring in each word so they feel the warmth of love in your voice, and the strength to continue in the marital journey. It is abusive to never express and affirm your love!

2. Quality Time.

In a busy world, it’s easy to forget your loved one. Create spaces to unplug, listen with focus given only to them, and invent pleasurable times together, however small. Whether it’s a date night or a weekend getaway, make time for each other.

3. Acts of Service.

Lovingly lighten each other’s load. Through small deeds done without being asked, show your love and affection to your partner.

4. Written Notes.

Words can outlive a moment. Capture your feelings for them on paper and leave them as surprises to discover. Simple notes may become treasures kept and re-read to remember they have a place in your heart.

5. Gifts.

Thoughtful gifts don’t just gather dust – they say “I listened, I care, I want to see you smile.” Find what sparks joy for your loved one and present it regularly to watch their eyes light up with joy.

6. Support.

A partnership is giving strength when the other has none left. Celebrate each win together, and in times of struggle stand beside them as shelter from the storm. Your steady faith in them will help bear them through all the ups and downs.

7. Quality Touch.

Our bodies know languages that words cannot say. With touch, express the wordless ways you find comfort in being close. Casual moments of contact can speak volumes of the bond you share. Physical touch releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which strengthens your bond and shows your partner that you care.

8. Help with Chores.

Lending helping hands with chores to show them their rest and dreams are as important as your own. Teamwork makes any task lighter.

9. Surprises.

Keep the magic alive with surprises. Surprise them with fun, thoughtful gestures, with passion and care. Surprises say “I was thinking of only you in this moment and wanted to bring you joy.”

10. Gratitude.

Say thanks for all they are to you each day, not just grand gestures but small kindnesses. Gratitude is the simplest love language – so speak it with your eyes, smile, touch, and heart.

Showing appreciation is a powerful way to build a stronger relationship and marriage, so take the time to show your partner that you value and appreciate their efforts.


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