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Ten Undisputable Qualities You Must Have. The qualities we imbibe in our relationship or marriage in deliberate ways are what will be responsible for our overall health in that relationship or marriage! I want to quickly identify this morning ten qualities that should be in every relationship and marriage! They include:

1. Trust 
2. Communication 
3. Respect 
4. Love 
5. Affection 
6. Honesty 
7. Understanding 
8. Cooperation 
9. Commitment 
10. Fun

Let’s discuss this briefly! Ten Undisputable Qualities You Must Have

  1. Trust 

This is the backbone of every relationship and marriage 

Pro 31:11 (MSG)
Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it.

Trust should be both ways in marriage! Protect that trust by not violating it repeatedly! Once trust is broken repeatedly, it becomes a loophole for the devil to initiate more chaos! Our relationships and marriages will not be chaotic in Jesus’ name! 

Ten Undisputable Qualities You Must Have

2. Communication

How can I emphasize the importance of this one? It is so crucial! 

Marital communication can improve the health of your relationship by bringing you and your spouse closer together. 

Also, on a personal level, talking to your partner about your problems and wishes can help reduce your stress. It can help you sort out your feelings without worrying about the future.

Don’t bring temperament into marriage and then keep saying you are the quiet type. So who is the talking type? Relationships and especially marriage should be a place where you are excited to share and talk constantly.

Also, it is communication that will help you build trust eventually. 

Stop thinking your spouse or lover will just know things without talking! It is only the Holy Spirit that has that capacity and your lover or spouse is none of that! Laugh together! Rejoice together! Talk freely with one another!

When you communicate, conflicts are resolved! When you internalize, you are a breeding ground for offense because the devil will ensure he expands the issue in your thought realm till you actually come into a place where you begin to hate and get irritated at the one you are supposed to love! 

Don’t allow that in your relationship or marriage! These are two of Ten Undisputable Qualities You Must Have

I will continue tomorrow!


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