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Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last 

A lot of married couples are often caught up in the hustles and bustles of life and become distracted. Here is a reminder list of what you should do regularly to each other and how to go about it.

Love, commitment, and endurance are interwoven into stories of lasting unity. In this devotional, I delve into types of couples who will have remarkable tales of steadfast devotion, resilience, and shared growth that offer insights into the secrets of enduring relationships. Read on as I uncover the unique blueprints behind these marriages that will not just survive, but thrive, creating an inspiring lasting impact.

Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last 

1. The Praying Couple

Pray for her. Let it be genuine. This helps you to harness the help of God to come to bear for you. Prayers will solve seemingly impossible problems. Rather than give up quickly, pray about it!

2. The Calling Couple

Whether you will see each other later in the day is not the issue, the issue is that communication is the live wire of any relationship or marriage that will survive. Keep in touch. Send SMS. Use chats.

3. The Exchanging couple

It doesn’t have to be expensive! But let it be touching. Notice what I wrote, exchange gifts; not collect gifts! Those little gestures help to keep the fire of your relationship and marriage aflame.

Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last 

4. The Sharing couple

Share with him or her what God is dealing with you in His word.

Whatever God tells you in your devotion or in your personal walk with God, will also bless him or her as long as it blesses you.

5. The Encouraging Couple

You are his number-one fan. You are her number-one fan. Don’t discourage each other. Don’t dissipate your energy on criticism. Be aware that your input goes a long way because you are the closest person.

I will stop here today and continue tomorrow! See you then! Have a great day! 


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