How To Go About Communication During Love Making?

How To Go About Communication During Love Making?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We will be looking at communication during love making. By communication, I mean both verbal and non-verbal communication. During love making, should there be talking? Or it should be as silent as a graveyard?

Another question is, should the room or any where you choose be dark, poorly lighted or fully lighted? That another question we will be looking at today.

All these questions are what you may be asking or is on your mind and we will together throw more light on them.

Well, your comments will be highly appreciated and welcome. Let’s know what happens in the ‘other room’. This can help another couple out there.

In my opinion what happens in ‘the other room’ is as the couples want it. However, being rigid to a particular mould is what may not be too good for the marriage. In my own marriage, we do more of non verbal communication to verbal.

Because our foreplay is usually very long (I strongly recommend this for couples except for quickies). We delight ourselves in each other during foreplay, where we get to explore our bodies. This time, we are free to talk, play and tease ourselves. But during intercourse, we don’t talk much, but a lot of moans! And then we also talk after.

My husband feels (and I agree with him because it works for us,) that talking breaks his flow and concentration. We like to savour every moment. It helps us enjoy each other more. That may be entirely different with you! Talking may just be your trigger!

Some people believe all kinds of dirty talks are allowed and that it is those dirty talks that make them reach orgasm. Let’s have your view.

For the second question, do you like it pitch dark, partially or fully lighted?

I remember when we were newly married, I used to like it when the lights are off. That was when I was shy. But I am no longer particular after I have been married for twenty-two years.

My husband has always liked it when the light are on. And his explanation was simple, “Don’t you know that men are moved by sight?”

As I said earlier, variety is the spice of marriage. We have the lights on now and sometimes, partially lighted.

Let’s hear your opinion. What is going on in your own marriage?

I am waiting for your responses.

My marriage is blessed.

Lord, help me to love my spouse unconditionally

Prov 5:19 (ESV) As a loving hind and a pleasant doe, let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

Discuss with your spouse based on the topic of today

1 Chronicles 7 – 10

How To Enjoy The Other Room In Marriage

How To Enjoy The Other Room In Marriage

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yes, we need to take foreplay to another level. It is very possible to enjoy the other room in marriage

Foreplay is so relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating. After such a tiring day, there is nothing as good as good love-making preceded by good foreplay.

I like the fact that it is therapeutic in nature. The release of hormones makes it a good medicine and it is also a good exercise.

I know some married couples don’t have it as good. So I would like to address both husband and wife.

First, to those who are not really enjoying or having it regularly.

Whatever issue is causing you not to have regular love-making is demonic and an attack from the pit of hell. You cannot be married and be sleeping in different rooms. It’s simply unacceptable.

Such things as he snores, she snores, he has body odour or she has body odour are not enough reasons to abandon your spouse. What matters is that you are married, you two have become one flesh and nothing should separate you.

It is abnormal for a guy not to have it with his wife when he is not sick. For a man, it is more of releasing tension. Without regularity, he can’t really function as he should.

So see whatever is preventing you from having it in marriage as an attack. Address it ruthlessly. Don’t say you can handle it or you don’t care. Divorce and adultery are the consequences of such neglect.

If you have to plan it and do like a timetable, do it. The fire must never go down in the bedroom. When the fire goes down in the bedroom, the whole home catches fire.

It should be regular. For a very busy couple at least once or twice a week is okay.

To those of us who are enjoying it, we should try to improve. There is always room for improvement. Find creative ways to satisfy each other.

Take your foreplay to another level. Spend time with each other. Explore each other’s bodies. A healthy love life makes you more productive, more relaxed, and more focused. You will be more coordinated.

Create the right atmosphere that will make you enjoy yourself. If you can get away, plan it out. Go to a hotel or a resort center just by yourself. Just like we do sometimes. Leave the children with someone reliable and take time out to enjoy yourselves. When you come back, you will be refreshed and more relaxed than before you went.

God bless your marriage.

I give myself to my spouse

Lord, help us in this area of life

1Co 6:16 (MSG) (paraphrased)There’s more to it than mere skin on skin. It is as much spiritual mystery as physical fact. As written in Scripture, “The two become one.”

Plan it and enjoy it

Psalms 28, 55


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