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Statements That Show You Are Not Loved

Problems don’t just erupt like a volcano in relationships and marriage. They have always been there. Sometimes, we close our eyes to all the warning signs and red lights because we are in love. It is however wise to be alert and be open to take heed of all these warning signs.

God is not a wicked God. He will attempt to talk to you through His Holy Spirit and try to warn you about some of these things. It is always good to pay attention and try to listen to what God is trying to say! Here are some statements that are symptomatic of deeper issues!

1. There is nothing wrong with sex. Everybody does it

One statement that reflects deeper issues is when a partner tries to justify premarital sex by saying “there’s nothing wrong with it, everybody does it.

When a guy begins to pressurize you to compromise using logic and persuasion tactics, it shows he doesn’t love you. All he wants is your body and once he gets that, anything can happen. As the lady, you are responsible for preserving your virtue by insisting on waiting till after marriage. 

A guy who truly loves you will be willing to wait as against satisfying his rush of adrenalin at your disadvantage. God’s word is so clear on premarital sex and any guy that loves you and fears God should be looking for ways to obey God, not the other way.

2. I may not call you or send SMS often. You have to understand.

Another sign to consider is when a partner is distant and fails to communicate regularly.

When a guy loves you genuinely, he wants to be in touch. He wants to call, send SMS, or chat. He just wants to stay in touch one way or the other. I know there are times he can get so busy depending on the intensity of his work or the level of attention needed, but I also believe he should be able to talk to his loved one daily, even if it is for five minutes. 

A brief conversation or text message can demonstrate thoughtfulness and caring, and a partner who is genuinely in love will prioritize staying connected regardless of external factors

The only tenable reason is when he is working where there are no networks, which could be rare. Even at that, a guy who is in love will climb mountains; go to the top of buildings, and hold his phone high in the sky searching for network!

Overall, these signals indicate potential relationship issues that should not be dismissed. Recognizing and addressing them early on can help maintain a healthy and loving connection. It’s essential to value and respect oneself, and to seek a partner who shares the same values and is willing to invest in a mutually fulfilling and loving relationship.

I will continue tomorrow!

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