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Some Ways To Make Your Husband Happy. This morning, let’s talk about some ideas on how to make your husband happy

1. Always show your husband respect and deference.

Respect him as the leader. Regard him as the leader. Respect him in public and in private. Respect him with your words, ideas, and actions. Even as singles, respect is a major issue for your fiancé. However, you shouldn’t hop on the bed because you want to “respect” him.

2. Do not constantly cling to your own point of view.

Allow him to make the final call. Do not usurp his power by making decisions without his delegated authority. As singles during courtship, you start learning how to get your opinion across without coming across as rude. 

Some Ways To Make Your Husband Happy.

3. Do not go silent on your husband.

Be upbeat. Don’t be a grumpy wife. Men are rational, therefore do everything you can to communicate yourself verbally. Learn to keep the communication flowing.

4. Have fun.

Every spouse has a young boy inside him. He wishes the small boy would come out and play every now and then, simply to relieve the stress of work and life.

Being cheerful and fun improves your health and frees your thoughts.

5. Do not nag your husband.

Pro 27:15 A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

You are pushing your husband away when you nag him.

He will be duped into believing that there is serenity outdoors, away from his wife.

Some Ways To Make Your Husband Happy.

6. Never sexually reject him.

Your hubby enjoys and desires sex virtually all of the time. Don’t force him to beg for it.

Lovemaking should not be viewed as a chore or compulsion. Be eager and ecstatic.

As singles in courtship, sex is a no-go area. Do not give in to a sexual relationship before your wedding! 

7. Only God should have precedence over your husband.

Assure him that he is not competing for your affection or attention with anyone else.

No one, not even your children, should take your husband’s position.

Some Ways To Make Your Husband Happy.

8. Pray for your husband on a daily basis.

Please pray for your hubby. Pray for understanding, wisdom, and God’s blessing.

Intercede with God on his behalf.

As singles, in courtship, pray more than have fun all over the place!


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