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Singles Versus Married: Some Distinctions. Here are some distinctions between singles and married that will communicate some wisdom to you.

1. The single person is just simply “selfish”

They think of themselves and no other. However, once married, they have to move from that point of “self” to “us’ for the marriage to be successful. 

The singles have to train themselves to be selfless, to think of the other people around them, and learn to show some empathy and care because that is what marriage is all about.

In marriage, it’s all about pleasing one another. After pleasing God, the next person you want to please is your spouse!

Singles Versus Married: Some Distinctions

2. The singles are to stay away from pre-marital sex.

After the wedding, the couple is licensed to have sex. Even if they wanted it ten times a day, the angels will be clapping for them. But for singles involved in pre-marital sex, the angels will flap their wings and escape so that their eyes will not behold evil. Lol.

However what do we have, we are admonishing singles to wait and not be sexually involved, while we are begging married couples to have sex!

This is simply the ploy of the devil. While single, it looks like sex is the ultimate. Not really. Food is even more important than sex. You can’t do without food for a year, but I lived without sex for twenty-seven years. The very first time was after my wedding!

What about those who are already sexually active? Don’t beat yourself hard. Return to God. Let God help you and teach you how to put your body under. You must discipline your body and not respond to lust because a wedding doesn’t solve the lust problem! That is why some married folk cheat on each other!

Singles Versus Married: Some Distinctions

3. Use your season wisely.

As singles, you have all the time in the world to pray, so use that season of your life wisely. As couples, you are not going to have as much time, however the advantage you will have is the power of agreement. You will be able to join hands together and move mountains. 

And this is also why you must avoid strife and quarrels like a plague so that you can properly harness the power of agreement.

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