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Singles and Couples: What To Look and Pray For 

What are those things singles should look for? What are those things couples should pray for in their spouses? Let’s take a look this morning

1. The Fear of God: The Non-Negotiable Foundation

The foremost quality to seek in a life partner, non-negotiable and beyond compromise, is the fear of God. Beyond mere physical attributes, the fear of God stands tall. While beauty and attractiveness may fade, a partner with the fear of God brings enduring blessings. For those already married without observing these qualities, prayer can be a powerful tool to usher these virtues into your spouse’s life.

Embracing the Fear of God

The fear of God is the reason your spouse will not cheat on you! It is not because your spouse is a “Christian” it is because they have the fear of God. Look for the fear of God! Pray the fear of God into your spouse!

Personal faithfulness and steadfastness in relationships emanate from the fear of God. This foundational quality, exemplified by figures like Joseph, can prevent succumbing to temptations. Choosing a partner with a genuine, lasting fear of God ensures a steadfast and faithful union.

2. Integrity and Sincerity: Guiding Principles in Marriage

Second on the list is the indispensable duo of integrity and sincerity. Proverbs 11:3 states that the integrity of the upright guides them. 

Embrace the belief that sincere and upright individuals exist; renew your mindset through God’s word. Dismissing all humanity based on one negative experience can hinder attracting the positive qualities you seek.

Guided by Integrity

Integrity is a guiding light in relationships, preventing the destructive consequences of deceit and transgressions. Seek a partner whose integrity aligns with the principles that guide a successful marriage.

Nothing is as frustrating as having a lying spouse. Trust is broken, suspicions are birthed, and trepidation is initiated to the extent that it affects the health of the spouse on the receiving end of these lying tantrums.

Be insincere! Be a person of integrity for the sake of yourself, your family, your children, and your God! 

Good morning! I will conclude on this topic tomorrow!