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3. Physical Attraction: A Balance of Spirituality and Reality

While spirituality holds significant weight, physical attraction should not be overlooked. Marrying someone you find attractive contributes to long-term happiness. Avoid the pitfall of spending decades with a partner solely for financial stability. Don’t marry somebody you are not attracted to physically, only because you are attracted to his or her money! Choose someone who brings joy and contentment to your life.

Balancing Spirituality and Attraction

Acknowledging the importance of physical attraction doesn’t diminish the spiritual aspects of a union. Strive for a balance that ensures both spiritual fulfillment and a genuine appreciation for your partner’s appearance.

Don’t come around and say God forced you to marry somebody you are not attracted to! God is an intelligent God and would not lead you into such afflictions! 

4. Mutual Love and Romance: Nurturing the Connection

Love and romance form the bedrock of a successful marriage. Proverbs 5:19 emphasizes the significance of cherishing one another. Never take love for granted, and make a conscious effort to fill your heart with thoughts of your spouse.

Nurturing Love and Romance

Delight in your partner’s presence, appreciate their qualities and nurture a connection filled with love and romantic gestures. Cultivate an environment where both partners continuously express affection.

Don’t be too spiritual to the point of being insensitive to your spouse! 

5. Purpose and Destiny Alignment: Ensuring a Fulfilling Union

Above all, aligning with your partner’s purpose and destiny is paramount. Marriage should enhance, not overshadow, your love for God. Discussing life’s purpose, dreams, and alignment of minds becomes crucial.

Singles, discover “purpose” before the “propose!”

Fulfillment Beyond Marriage

Guard against losing fulfillment in God’s purpose due to the demands of marriage. If already married and feeling adrift, turn to prayer for guidance. Just as Joseph dreamt another dream, God can provide a new vision and heart fulfillment.

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