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Should I Trust my Dreams? What do you do when you have dreams? Are dreams authentic enough to be acted upon?

I remember as a young man in my teen years, I was harassed with so many dreams. I was born again, but I didn’t know my rights. I would dream and find myself eating in dreams. I didn’t know whether it was negative or positive, but I was not fond of it at all.

I approached my pastors for help. They would pray but it continued. I met another pastor who said that I should forget about it and that maybe I didn’t eat well before I slept.

Another said if I take any deadly thing, it would not hurt me.

I believe all that, but I didn’t like that feeling. Should I Trust my Dreams?

One day, I got angry. I would have none of this again. I was a meeting as a University student. The Secretary General of the fellowship then (OVCF) was ministering in the person of Barrister Asorona Lawal.

Under a heavy anointing and word of knowledge, he called me out and said that oppression is over, waving his handkerchief at me.

And indeed, it was over. I use to read Psalm 91 every night then.

All those useless dreams stopped, in their place and I started dreaming about my future, about ministry, and about good things.

The reality was that I had a gift to dream. It is not one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but you see it is a vehicle for the gift of the Spirit. For example, a word of knowledge can come through the vehicle of a dream.

I continued to dream, but these were now revelatory dreams. I knew so much through dreams and visions of the night.

In my final years in the university, I had over a hundred dreams of seeing myself ministering in meetings, healing meetings, churches, crusades, and all that. That God was calling me was not in doubt. 

Before I proposed to my wife, I dreamt about her over fifty times in a period of over a year in different ways that I was convinced she was the one meant for me.

I had dreams and revelations about anything and everything. I would see myself holding my meetings before the meeting and everything that would happen would have been acted out.

I had dreams about my siblings who wanted to take the wrong steps in marriage. I saw people before I met them.

Then there were times I would have dreams, that practically had no meaning. 

I told you all that to let you know that dreams can come from three sources:

1. From God

2. From the devil

3. From you (from a multitude of thoughts)

Gen 37:9 (KJV) And he dreamed yet another dream…

Should I Trust my Dreams? God can reveal His heart to you concerning relationships and marriage, but you cannot rely on your dreams alone!

 The primary way that God will lead you is through inner witness.

God can also warn you about taking the wrong step in relationships and marriage in dreams.

But listen to this. You cannot trust all your dreams when you are not filled with God’s word and God’s Spirit.

It is God’s word that can cleanse your dream life. If you are not grounded in the word, the devil will exploit that gift and send conflicting messages to get you confused.

That is why an unbeliever can often have revelatory dreams, but his dream life will be convoluted, with confusing signals because the God factor is missing in his life.

The baseline is this, whatever gift you have, you must stay and live in God’s word consistently to keep that gift untainted.

You cannot build your ministry, life, relationship, or marriage around a gift alone. You cannot go ahead and ask a lady out because of one dream.

Let the word of God stabilize your dream life.

And if you don’t dream at all, you are not less spiritual. You only need to discover the pattern through which God speaks to you and learn to rely more on the inner witness.

God doesn’t love those that dream more than those who don’t dream. God is not partial. Everybody can access God’s plan and heart through the Spirit of God and through that inner witness.

Let me conclude with this:

Never take a consequential decision because of just one dream. Always pray in the spirit about any dream and for God to tell you the full import of those dreams that can often come in symbols, puzzles, and parables.

I pray that God will grant you more understanding.


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