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September To Remember – Day 21

September To Remember - Day 21
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Today is September To Remember – Day 21. September To Remember Fasting and prayers is called by God to birth greatness in us. Join us as we wait upon the Lord.

Scriptures for Today

September To Remember – Day 21

“And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.”

(Gen 27:40, KJV)

“You will live by your sword, But be your brother’s slave. Yet when you rebel, You will break away from his control.””

(Gen 27:40, GNB)

“By your sword will you get your living and you will be your brother’s servant; but when your power is increased his yoke will be broken from off your neck.”

(Gen 27:40, BBE)

Prayer Points

September To Remember – Day 21

1. Begin to thank God for the twenty-first day of the fast.

2. Pray that you will not till the ground in hard labour.

3. Begin to bind every spirit behind slavery; I will not be a slave to any man.

4. Begin to break every yoke of poverty in your life and family; say no to living from hand to mouth.

5. Begin to pray for an increase in your power, to be able to deal with every abnormality in your life.

6. Begin to rebuke every spirit that makes you to be comfortable in affliction.

7. Pray that the elements in heaven and on earth work in your favour.

8. Begin to exercise dominion over all you do.

9. Begin to talk to God about your personal requests

10. Go ahead and thank God.

Confession For Today

September To Remember – Day 21

In the name of Jesus, I reject everything not in consonance with God’s plan for my life. I refuse to accept the workings of the devil over my life, relationship, marriage, finance etc. By the mercies of God, I break off my neck every evil yoke I have carried thus far. I reject whatever my God has not planted in me. Henceforth, I declare, I am no longer under the control of the devil and his cohorts. Sin shall no longer have dominion over me. As I wait on God, my power is increased. My inner strength is increased. I have the capacity to say NO to the things I do not want. I bind the devil and his agents sent to weary me and slow me down. I make tangible advancement in Jesus mighty name, Amen

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