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Rights and Wrongs of Relationship and Marriage 

The ultimate place God wants you to be in any relationship or marriage is that place where you love THE RIGHT towards your spouse and you hate THE WRONG towards your spouse!

What will that do? 

It will cause God to anoint you with an oil that will give you leverage and space in your career business, ministry or whatever you do! 

Really, Pastor? Do you mean how I treat my spouse has something to do with my productivity? Exactly Yes! 

See it in the scripture before you start wondering “What is Pastor teaching again o?

Rights and Wrongs of Relationship and Marriage 

Psalms 45:7 (MSG)
You love the right and hate the wrong. And that is why God, your very own God, poured fragrant oil on your head, Marking you out as king from among your dear companions.

Do you see what it says right there? If you love the right and hate the wrong towards your lover or spouse, there is a release of fragrant oil on your head! The oil is to make you a KING among your contemporaries! 


Psalms 45:7 (AMPC)
You love righteousness, uprightness, and right standing with God and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows.

King James Version calls it the Oil of gladness.

Rights and Wrongs of Relationship and Marriage 

When you are somewhere where your spouse is not and yet you maintain your integrity, you refuse to cheat even when you are pressured or tempted, God sees that, and His justice system will cause oil to flow that will aid you and bring you much profit and result that will propel you above your competitors, colleagues or contemporaries! 

Treat your spouse well.

Singles, stop breaking hearts all over the place, thinking that is where it ends! You are literarily refusing the oil of gladness when you do that! May that not be your portion!

Honour your spouse and see money flow into your hands! Stay faithful and see God hear your prayers! Avoid emotional affairs and see how the oil of gladness will flow and give you amazing testimonies! 

Good morning!


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