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Respect Can Turn Your Marriage Around. Relationships and marriages thrive because those involved are deliberate. Nothing just happens, as Bishop T.D. Jakes would always say. There is always cause and effect A dating and courtship situation doesn’t just morph into marriage like in a painting with strokes of the brush. A good marriage is not automatic. 

We started looking at ten qualities that should be in every relationship

1. Trust 
2. Communication 
3. Respect 
4. Love 
5. Affection 
6. Honesty 
7. Understanding 
8. Cooperation 
9. Commitment 
10. Fun

Yesterday we looked at the first two. Today, we continue with the next!

3. Respect 

Respect Can Turn Your Marriage Around. Mutual respect is key in every marriage! I usually tell singles, that man that they can’t respect is the man they should never marry!

Respect should be both ways in marriage, but respect is more of an issue for the man! 

Do you know when you respect your spouse, you won’t dabble in emotional affairs, not to talk of full-blown affairs?

It is disrespect to your spouse and the marriage covenant, and ultimately to God when you harbour, nurse, and pursue feelings, leading to affairs with anybody aside from your spouse!

Heb 13:4 (CEV)
Have respect for marriage. Always be faithful to your partner, because God will punish anyone who is immoral or unfaithful in marriage.

Some ladies have perennial issues in marriage because they simply don’t understand what respect is in marriage. 

They were never taught growing up. All they watched growing up is parents fighting and mum talking down at dad every time. 

The modeling they saw growing up becomes tattooed in their brain and they unwittingly treat their husband even worse. They come into the marriage with attitudes, always defensive and unable to cooperate in marriage. Within, they struggle and feel that cooperating, adapting, and submitting to one’s is servitude or stupidity. 

Conversely, some husbands are also unable to respect their wives. All they observed growing up is dad ordering mum around like a slave. All they saw was dad barking out instructions and sometimes “decking” mum with fatherly blows! 

They come into marriage, with that notion. God help them if they marry a wife who is equally stubborn and recalcitrant! That marriage will not last! 

The only hope then is a renewal of mind from the scriptures! Respect Can Turn Your Marriage Around

Both parties have to follow the word. They have to die to themselves! They have to be “stupid” for things to work sometimes. 

It is not every statement that must be replied to. It is not every angry word you match fire for fire. That is why the Scripture says 

Pro 15:1 (MSG)
A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire.

It is not every utterance you must meditate on and expand till it explodes your relationship and marriage!

Let me stop here this morning! I will continue tomorrow. Use REVIVE video below to pray on what you’ve just read! Good morning! 


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