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Refuse To Be A Selfish Lover 

There is a need to pray against selfishness in your family and also to take conscious steps towards being selfless. There are different sides of selfishness.

a. Selfishness in commitment

How committed are you to the marriage? Is apology always one-sided? Do you care about ending a disagreement or do you always wait for your spouse to say sorry even if it would take a year, you really do not care.

Are you really committed to the marriage or you are committed to your ego? Are you committed to making it work, or you are committed to making your spouse bow?

Who apologizes all the time? That is the most mature! Take it or leave it, that is the truth. Saying “sorry” is maturity,.

Refusing to say “sorry” whether you are wrong or right is a form of rebellion, and it is not wise to sow rebellion in your own home.

The spouse who is committed to the marriage has no problem offering a GENUINE apology. He or she is just not comfortable when you are apart.

Anytime you are comfortable when there is an issue, when you are okay with some underlying problems, without an effort to end an issue, you need to check your heart and pray more.

Refuse To Be A Selfish Lover 

b. Selfishness in raising the children

There can be selfishness in raising the children. You have never been to your children’s school. You don’t even know which classes they are. You don’t know who bathes for them, or how they eat. 

You are always buried in whatever you are doing. This is a definition of selfishness, however, you want to look at it. It is even more intense when both of you are building a career, and you are both busy.

Raising the children should be a joint effort so that you can have emotionally balanced children. Now, you don’t need to go and accuse your spouse over this, I am only pointing you to what we need to pray and take action about

Refuse To Be A Selfish Lover 

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