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The second thing that must be present in every marriage that will succeed has to do with communication.

2. Constant Communication
A man was once asked what the three most important things in a marriage are.

His response:

1. Communication

2. Communication
3. Communication

Do I agree? Yes, I fully do!

When communication dies, assumptions, suspicions, lies and deception will take over. There is nothing as beautiful as a marriage where both parties can fully express themselves.

Hear each other out!

When a man talks, his goal may be a logical explanation, but when a woman talks, it is more than an explanation, it is a release; an emotional release. So every time she is muted, there are pent-up tensions being stored up for a later time.  

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It is akin to the molten magma within, nothing shows on the surface much, but one day, the magma can no longer hold still, there will be a volcanic eruption causing untold havocs!

Unexplained hurts, unexpressed bitterness, are all like the molten magma in the belly of the ground.

So, when you tell your spouse to “shut up” continually, and it looks as though you are in charge and winning, well, you are not really in winning, you are actually losing!

Allow free expression in your matrimonial home. 

3. Renewal and Recharge Junctions
In marriage, you must learn to take breaks from work and relax. You have to have time that you spend together as husband and wife.

You need to go back to what used to excite you before wedding and do those things again and again. 

Apart from reading your Bible and praying in the Holy Ghost which re-fires you and recharges your spirit, you should also learn to be relaxed once in a while.

4. Mentoring 
Every marriage must have a mentor that you defer to and seek wisdom from.  

There is something that a couple who has been married for thirty years know that a three-year-old couple is oblivious of.

It is plain wisdom to seek counsel.
Most issues that lead to serious strife and possible separation and divorce could easily have been resolved by seeking knowledge.

That is why I am a little scared of couples who talk to nobody! Something is not quite right with that. Part of having a marriage mentor is being humble.

5. Sincerity and Openness
Finally, this is so crucial to the survival of any marriage!

Be open! Marriage is not a secret cult! Talk about everything and anything.


Hiding things and allowing your spouse to discover will only lead to mistrust and suspicion.

The rule of the game is to talk about everything. That will go a long way to establish trust.

If you keep talking exactly how it is, it would be difficult to go into adultery, because adultery is perpetuated in the platform insincerity and deception 

May God help us all.

I will pray for my loved one


Lord, teach me to pray

Jas 4:7 (KJV) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Pray in the spirit

John 6


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