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Practical Ways To Stop That Thing! Sandy has been locked in the intricacies of sexual sins for a while. The more she tried to stop, the more she plunged further into the abyss of sexual misadventures.

Her story seemed unfortunate, but there she was. She found that out she has been entwined in the duo of sexual perversion and mammon spirit.

Would she ever be able to stop this misadventure?She doubted herself.

In a few years of counseling singles and married couples, never has there been any problem or issue as intense as sexual sins.
Almost akin to a mountain, it stands tall in the life of any one who has dabbled into sexual sins. The person becomes completely intertwined and entangled, like an ant caught in a giant spider’s web!

In the early years of Kisses and Huggs Club, I was as frustrated as the ones I was counseling when I see that most of these people would go back to their vomit, even after counseling sessions and prayers.
Both the counselor and the counselee were at a loss on what to do. Until God opened my eyes to see that sexual sins are spiritual! Then God graced me to be able to deal with the spirit of perversion and deception which is largely behind most sexual compromises including homosexuality! Then I saw people set free supernaturally!
I have seen people weep in repentance only to go back into sexual sins. I have had to counsel pastors who just preached about sexual compromise only to find them locked up in sexual embrace afterward!
I have been called on the phone concerning a Bishop that was asking out a member right on the altar on the prayer line in one of his branch churches.
I have seen people who fasted forty days to deal with sexual sins only to be back in bed with another man on the fortieth day!

vractical Ways To Stop That Thing!
1. You see, the first thing you need to realize is that the scripture says emphatically:
For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. (Romans 6:14 KJV)
Yes, no matter your experiences, the scripture shall not be broken. Jesus already dealt with the sin issue. The power of iniquity is broken! That was a major reason Jesus Christ died for you and me.
In the Old Testament, our sins were atoned for. It means they were kind of covered by the blood of goats!
In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus, because of its superiority and holiness, did not just cover our sins; it wiped them away with no trace of remembrance! In God, when you embrace redemption, you were reconfigured back to who you were before you ever sinned! As much as that sounds difficult to grasp, that is what happened. You see, the things of God cannot be grasped with our natural understanding!
2. The second thing you need after this understanding is to go to God and ask Him to forgive you of all misdeeds and mistakes. And you know what? He will forgive you! When He forgives you, He will also forget!
Listen to me dear, God does not condemn you! Do you remember what He told that woman caught in adultery, whose destiny would have been truncated by stoning, Jesus Christ told her, I do not condemn you, BUT, go and sin no more!
In the same way, rather than stone the ones caught today, we are to restore them because that is why Jesus died for them!
You also need to understand that not a few are caught in sexual compromise not because they are promiscuous, but like Mephibosheth, they were dropped before they reached the age of accountability!
Some of them were abused by some big cousin, raped by some unsuspecting relative, fingered by some lesson teacher, innocence stolen by some big brother, and such! In hiding these for many years and not being able to open up, that which they were a victim of; found them becoming another victim or even the prey!
I come in the name of the Lord this morning that you don’t have to be under the weak and beggarly elements, under demonic powers again in your sexuality! You don’t have to succumb to every cry of the flesh. You can master your body with the Help of the Holy Spirit and make your destiny a significant one!
Go to God and ask for help. Talk to your father, every help you need can be found in Him. Refuse to cooperate with the devil. These are Practical Ways To Stop That Thing!
We will stop here this morning.

Sin shall not have dominion over me!
Pray and ask God to cleanse you of all sins and give you the grace to forgive all that hurt you many years ago
Do good, O Lord, unto those that be good, and to them that are upright in their hearts. (Psalms 125:4 KJV)
List everybody you will need to unfriend!
John 5


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