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Pay Attention: Don’t Dismiss These Statements. At work, Mrs. Johnson became sidetracked and started falling for another man. Despite her sincere love for God, she was losing ground. She found it hard to believe. Her emotions were like a roller coaster, and her mind was chaotic. Her spouse didn’t understand the delicate predicament she was in despite her repeated attempts to communicate it to him in very subtle ways. 

George, who was seeing Sandy, was, however, being sidetracked by another woman. In an effort to combat the new feelings, he tried to obtain Sandy’s attention. However, Sandy was busy, which made him more vulnerable.

The truth is that comments made by married people or single people who are courting frequently reveal the depth of the trap in a marriage or relationship. 

Your words can frequently disclose the types of problems you have and need to address, even if you are single and not in a relationship. 

There are distractions. There are several types of traps. There are constant psychological and marital assaults. 

Demonically planted traps, similar to those used to catch rats, are everywhere. Snares practically everywhere you turn. 

There are some comments your partner or sweetheart makes that indicate they are preoccupied and need your attention.

In these situations, you need to be there for your partner since without you, nothing will get better. 

What are these statements?

Pay Attention: Don’t Dismiss These Statements

1. You’re too busy to see me again 

Your partner is constantly around you, so why does he or she say this? You must pay attention to avoid having someone else emotionally fill your position. This statement is asking you to free up some time so your partner or spouse can receive assurance that will help them cope with their new wave of emotions. 

Don’t disregard it! 

Stop defending! 

Avoid arguing! 

Make time to engage in some thought-provoking dialogue. 

Let me say something to single people who are not involved in a relationship.

A single friend who says this to you is attempting to express interest while gauging your response to determine whether to pursue or back off. Analyzing the situation! 

So you may respond with “no thanks” if you don’t like the individual and aren’t thinking about making any obligations. 

The response will either be a green or red light.

Pay Attention: Don’t Dismiss These Statements

2. You are far from where I am. 

Don’t take this statement from your partner lightly. Avoid getting into a battle or a disagreement. Pay attention to what is said and what is not stated. 

Even though you may be physically close to the person you love, your emotional distance from them may be great. Couples who share a bed frequently lament their loneliness for this reason. Seems absurd, right? It is the truth! 

This person is trying to tell you that the more emotionally distant you are, the larger the void you leave for others to fill. 

Prioritize your relationship with your partner, married couples.

There is a twist to this phrase for individuals who are dating but are not yet married. You need to determine whether the statement is sincere or just an invitation to indulge in sex. Here, prudence and tact are required. God bless you!


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