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Overcoming Wicked Spirits Operating Through Spouses

First of all, your spouse is not the wicked spirit or the devil or anything like that! 

The reality, however, is that you and your spouse can yield to these wicked spirits unknowingly. 

This can even happen between two singles who are engaged.

And this is what we are looking at this morning.

A classic example can be found with Job and his wife. Read Job 2:2-10

Let’s pick out one or two verses there.

Job 2:5 (ERV) I swear, if you attack his flesh and bones, he will curse you to your face!”

This is the devil screaming that Job will curse God if his health is touched. 

Eventually, God permitted the devil to do all he wanted to do and Job lost everything, all properties but he refused to back out on God.

However, his wife yielded to the wicked spirit and verbalized what the devil suggested to her ears to Job, which of course is designed to crush him further.

Job 2:9 (ERV) His wife said to him, “Are you still holding on to your faith? Why don’t you just curse God and die!”

Was it a coincidence for Job’s wife to say exactly what Satan said earlier? I doubt. 

As couples, we must be careful to not yield to the wrong voices from wicked spirits. 

For Singles, today is Valentine’s, and a lot of wicked suggestions will come from supposed lovers! Be cautious. You aren’t married, but somebody is telling you, “If you love me, prove it with sex!” We will eventually get married, let’s do it, what difference does it make? 

The question is are those voices and suggestions coming from the Holy Spirit?

They are coming from wicked spirits who want to ruin your testimony and pitch you against your maker! 

Be sensitive! Pray for one another. Pray for yourself and your spouse that you will not yield to the wrong voices!

Good morning! 


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