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Overcoming Rejection After Breakfast Is Served. Sally was head over heels in love with George. Everything was looking great with all the butterflies flapping their wings. It was not for long however, George served Sally breakfast! Sally was heartbroken. What would she do?

All of the time, I tell people like Sally, it is not time to cry, it is time to move on. You cry when there is a loss of a loved one. That is understandable. But when somebody decides to leave you and move on, yes, you can cry a little, but you need to shake yourself into reality and understand that rejection is not always a disappointment, rejection can actually be a direction from God!

Love is two-way, it is mutual. But when one party decides he or she is no longer in love, don’t break your neck over that!

As a child of God, if you pray a lot, and you serve God with the integrity of heart, and then you fall in love with a guy who is deceiving you and who will eventually harm you one way or the other in the future, what do you think would happen?

God Himself would orchestrate a breakup because He doesn’t want any evil to befall you.

It is a reality that as humans, one can fall in love with a person that will eventually hurt you. Sometimes, you even know and you can see the signs. You can see the uncontrollable anger. You can see the unrepentant heart. You can see a penchant desire for pre-marital sex without any sense of guilt. You can even see that he or she is cheating on you, and yet you still hold on, believing that you will change him.

If you are a child of God and God loves you which I know He does, that kind of relationship will break up. You see, there are some relationships that break up and the next thing you should do is thanksgiving!

What do you do in Overcoming Rejection After Breakfast Is Served? You should just go ahead and thank God for saving your life! There are some strange ladies out there you get involved with and after a breakup, you thank your God, not getting into some pity party! You see, you thought you love him or her? Not really? It is because you have been embroiled with sex. You have tasted the stew before it was ready and now your tongue is burnt. When you get involved with sex before the wedding, confusion enters the soul.

Why is that? Because the injunctions of God have been violated.

When there is confusion in the soul, your mind becomes unclear. You continue to love the wrong person. You cannot disconnect from the one that hurt you from time to time. A soul tie has been established and illegal soulical bonding has been effected.

He or she decides to move on but you are wrecked emotionally. Months after, you couldn’t pick up your life. What do you do in such instances?

You run to God. The scripture says in Psalm 23, He restroreth my soul…

When you go to Him, He will heal the hurt, pacify the wounds, and touch you where no hands can reach. He will put the nuts to the bolts, and then you can see clearly, and then you wonder why you were loving a lair, a user, a manipulator, and a cheat in the first place.

So, you let go of such abusive relationships. If the wrong person doesn’t go, the right will not show up.

But why would he or she just leave me like that? Am I worthless? No, you are too much for him or her. Your destiny weighs more, and only the right one can handle your glorious destiny!

Every Abedne-go will eventually go! Let them go. For those who are married, there can also be rejection from your spouse. That is not the time to shut down as if you are a PC.

That is not the time to recoil into your shell like a snail. That is not the time to run into a cave. It is time to communicate with your God and with him or her to know the source of the rejection. Never assume, for assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Never allow rejection to degenerate into strife. I see a glorious future ahead of you. I see God coming into your situation and bringing help your way and that will be your portion in Jesus’ name! This is what you do in Overcoming Rejection After Breakfast Is Served

I am not rejected, because God has not rejected me

Pray that God strengthens you to make the right decisions

Hosea 14:4 I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.

Forgive all that hurt you



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