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O Lord, I Must Marry Or…

All of us know how we have tried threatening God before!

Lord, If I don’t meet my spouse by next month, I will marry just anybody that comes!

Yes, the threats come in many flavours and colours,.

And somehow, I believe God is never threatened.

He would probably be amused.

Those threats do nothing to God, but they can put you in the desperate mode.

That God is not threatened does not mean He is not concerned.

In fact, if you will like to know, God is more interested in your marriage than you are interested in it.

So, then why is it not happening?

For the same reasons!

He is not only concerned, He wants to ensure you get it right!

So He crosses the “T”s and Dots the “I”s.

God is never for once confused about the whole thing.

He has all of it figured out, not when you clocked twenty five, not even after you were born, but before you were ever born!

Yes, spouse, wedding, location, career and more were all figured out.

With God, you can never enter “one chance!

O Lord, I Must Marry Or…

Jeremiah 29:11 (MSG)  
I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Hey, take some rest, don’t panic! All of it has been planned out! Up to your bride’s maid and your ring bearer!

Even the food we will “chop” on that day!

Trust in God.

He will not fail you.

Try and look back, each time you try to put things in your hands, it wouldn’t work out!

So, rest in Him! Hold on. Be patient. You will see GOOD!

O Lord, I Must Marry Or…

For married couples, the same principle applies. God has played out how He will take care of you and your family! Just be sure to walk in His plans and follow His map! Stay with the divine blueprint by finding out His plans for your life at every stage and every phase. This is the secret of a long lasting successful relationship!

Your relationship and marriage is blessed!


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