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No-Nonsense Advice For Singles and Couples 

In the complex realm of relationships, success is far from guaranteed merely because you identify as a child of God. Being able to speak in tongues doesn’t automatically equip you with the wisdom to navigate the intricacies of human connection. This is where self-improvement and the pursuit of knowledge come into play.

Go For Knowledge

If your goal is to tie the knot by the end of this year, ask yourself: how many books on marriage have you diligently perused? You see, being a child of God is a wonderful foundation, but it’s not a substitute for actively seeking wisdom and understanding in the realm of relationships. Your desire to get married should be complemented by a genuine commitment to improving yourself.

For the married, even after wedding, you have to keep studying and developing yourselves to learn more about what marriage is all about

No-Nonsense Advice For Singles and Couples 

God’s Leading in Love

One common misconception is that falling in love with someone automatically implies that God has led you to that person. However, it’s vital to discern whether your emotions align with God’s leading. Feelings alone may not necessarily be a sign of God’s plan for your life. While it’s true that God can guide you through your desires, it’s essential to be certain of His guidance before fully embracing those emotions.

The Challenge of Emotions

Once emotions become entangled in a relationship, deciphering God’s voice becomes a more intricate task. Emotions can cloud our judgment and make it challenging to hear His guidance clearly. It’s advisable to seek His direction before allowing your emotions to run wild.

On the other hand, couples are to be intimately connected emotionally with their spouses. If there is no emotional connection towards your spouse, that marriage can hardly work.

No-Nonsense Advice For Singles and Couples 

Time and Emotional Bonds

For singles, spending time with someone has a profound impact on your emotional connection with them. It’s astonishing how feelings can evolve when you invest time with a person. This is a universal truth, and it’s important to be mindful of the company you keep.

The Danger of Inappropriate Connections

For instance, if a single lady declares her disinterest in a man but continues to spend time with him, she’s unknowingly fostering emotional ties. The more time you invest in someone, the deeper the emotional connection becomes. Therefore, it’s crucial to be cautious about the company you keep and avoid engaging in inappropriate relationships, especially with married individuals.

Conversely, couples who are not spending enough time with themselves will have their emotional tank on the low, resulting in several other issues and irritations that can complicate their marriage! Spend time together!

Divine Blessings and Guidance

In conclusion, May God’s favor shine upon you, and His mercy guide your steps. You will break free from the spirit of delay, and may you find the one meant for you. For couples, God’s love is shed aboard in your hearts anew in Jesus’ name!


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