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More Ways To Recognize Emotional Affairs is a continuation of yesterday’s topic. Sally was in love with George who is not in love with her. That can be debilitating. The Johnsons are dealing with an adulterous issue, made worse by the neglect of Mr. Johnson.

What are the More Ways To Recognize Emotional Affairs

3. When you start discussing your marital problems with somebody else.

As single ladies or guys, when a married person of the opposite sex starts discussing his marital issues or starts reporting his spouse, the conversation is probably going too far. You might be feeling cool that the person trusts you to divulge such prized information, but if you are not careful, emotions would soon be involved. 

You might even have the righteousness complex where you become a counsellor, trying to encourage him or her. The problem is that compassion can turn into confusion very quickly. It is all a ploy when a married person stands before you like or she needs help from you. What wisdom does a thirty-five-year-old married man need from a single beautiful twenty-three-year-old girl? Where are the pastors and counsellors? It is a trap. At what point did you become a counsellor? Did you read Guidance and counselling in school? Many people have attempted to counsel others like that and ended up canceling their destinies.

4. When you are convinced that your supposed friend understands you better than your spouse.

You have crossed the line and you are about to desecrate your marital covenant if you do so. As singles, if any married person ever verbalize such lies to you, that he wished he had married you before meeting his wife, it is time to use your legs and run away, otherwise, you might be cooking the kind of food you don’t want to eat! Or he tells you that you are so caring and understanding unlike his spouse, don’t believe such lies. It is usually an attempt to have an inroad into your emotions and eventually get in between your legs!

Don’t sit down there sheepishly listening to such gibberish, stand up and take charge of your life and destiny by running away. You see when the Bible says “Flee,” it is not the time to say, “Let’s reason together.”

There are situations where you don’t need to speak in tongues, you just need to run, because even the angels have escaped because they don’t want to behold evil!

May God give you more understanding


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