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Misconceptions in Relationships and Marriages. It is no secret that there have been numerous misconceptions surrounding relationships and marriages in recent years. These misconceptions have led many astray and caused irreparable damage to relationships. In this devotional, we seek to shed light on some of these misconceptions and correct them with the truth of God’s word.

1. Judging a Person by Their Sexual Performance

One of the most common misconceptions is that a person’s sexual performance is a reliable indicator of their character. This is not only false but also degrading. It reduces a person to the level of a prostitute.

In reality, there are numerous variables that one should consider when determining a person’s character. These variables may include integrity, vision, life principles, and so on. It is essential to evaluate a person as a whole rather than zeroing in on just one aspect of their physical life. Doing so can lead to a complete misconception of who that person truly is.

In marriage, young couples should understand that sex gets better with time. Older wine tastes better. So do not quickly conclude that your spouse is boring in bed. The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit teaches us all things, and that does not exclude the bedroom.

Misconceptions in Relationships and Marriages

2. Pre-Marital Sex as a Means of Securing a Relationship

Another misconception is that engaging in pre-marital sex is a way of consummating a relationship before marriage. However, this is nothing but a compromise. The moment you compromise, you reduce the chances of your getting married because you are no longer going to have God’s support and favor.

God has a standard, and compromising it is not an option. Everyone may be doing it, but it doesn’t make it right. You should not base your resolve to live a righteous life on the people around you but on your faith in God’s word.

Married couples should go beyond bedroom intimacy to 24/7 intimacy, Try non-sexual touches and communicate to your spouse that you want their person and not just the sex.

3. Once is Enough

Another misconception is the belief that engaging in pre-marital sex just once is okay. This is not true, and it is a dangerous mindset to have. Beyond the physical aspect, there is a spiritual influence that keeps you tangled and looking for more.

Once is bad enough, and people don’t die twice. A demonic influence only needs once! This negative spiritual influence can only be truncated by the anointing of God and the renewal of your mind in God’s word. However, note that if you make a mistake, God will forgive you! 

Married couples should enjoy themselves and not allow persistent quarrels to tear them apart.

Misconceptions in Relationships and Marriages

4. Your Body is Not Collateral

Your body is not collateral for a relationship or marriage. Giving in to a partner’s desire to secure a relationship is a terrible idea. It is wise to do things God’s way; otherwise, you will keep securing what will never work at the end of the day. The problem is that you keep securing until there is nothing left to secure!

Married couples, your body does not belong to you after the wedding! Take note! 

1 Corinthians 7:4 (TPT)
Neither the husband nor the wife have exclusive rights to their own bodies, but those rights are to be surrendered to the other.

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