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Mercy Said No! Listen to me, you are a candidate for God’s mercy, as long as you are God’s child.

Thank God for His mercies.

Do you remember that song by CeCe Winans? “Mercy said No”

The devil said you will not live long, but mercy said “No!”
The devil said you won’t get married, but mercy said “No!”
The devil said you won’t have children, but mercy said “No!”

As a young man preparing for marriage in the nineties, the devil said to me, that I would not be able to father children, but mercy said “No!” Today, God has given us three boys! Mercy Said No!

The devil told Joseph he won’t realize his dreams, but mercy said “No!

The devil wanted to snuff out the life of Jesus as a baby, but mercy said “No!”

At a time, it looked like it was over for me in ministry when I made a decision to quit pastoring a local assembly and obey God in starting an online ministry, and I thought it was over too, but mercy said “No!”

They said you will not graduate, but mercy said “No!”

They said you are good for nothing, but mercy said “No!

They said you are not fine, but mercy said “No!” You ended up getting a fine spouse!

They said you will be poor forever, but mercy said “No!”

The devil thought he would end your life because of that mistake you made, but mercy said “No!”

The prodigal son thought it was over for him as he ate the portion that belonged to the pigs, but mercy said “No!

They threw Apostle John into a drum of boiling oil, to fry him alive but mercy said “No!” He just wouldn’t die!

Listen to me, it is too late for the devil. Mercy covers you. Mercy is speaking for you before God. Jesus took His blood, the offering carried by the offerer, and sprinkled all of it on the mercy seat, just because of you.

Where are you this morning? Let the mercy of God locate you. Let that mercy speak for you!

I see God’s mercy bailing you out. Yes, you messed up quite alright, but His mercy will bring out a message from that mess.

Let hope come alive in your spirit this morning. Mercy is here! Mercy is for you and that mercy is holding you by the hand.

“ARISE [ from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life ]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! [ Zec 8:23 ]”  (Isa 60:1, AMP)

Arise Now! It is not over. That jilting experience cannot define you. That abandonment does not qualify you, because of His Mercies! What if you lost all the money? Start over because of His Mercies!

Rise to a new life! I curse that spirit of depression and despondency right now that seeks to pull your head down! Rise up into the newness of God and Shine! 

Can you shout “Mercy?!” Mercy Said No!


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