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Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. (Psalms 143:10 KJV)

In deciding who to marry, the singular most important factor is God’s direction. This cannot be traded with the fact that you met in church. Here is a story narrated by a lady some years back. I read the account in a Newspaper (It was either Punch or Daily Sun)

She was going out with a guy that she met in a big Pentecostal church in Lagos. Everything looked good. ‘At least they met in church,’ so she thought. The guy had a jeep and would often drop her for choir meetings and pick her up later. This went on for about six months.

One of those days after choir meeting, he came to pick her as usual. But that particular day, he seemed to be in a hurry.  He asked that he needed to dash down to a place before dropping her. That was no issue for her; that was her fiancé talking!

So he drove quite a long distance and just drove and drove.

‘Sorry dear, we are almost there.’

The next thing was that he veered off the road and drove far into the bush. Then he packed, got down, dragged her down and wanted to cut off her head. The girl screamed, but there was nobody to help in the bush. He pressed the knife to her neck hard to decapitate her head, and the lady struggled. She was a little bit strong, she fought back, but the guy held the knife firmly on her neck, knowing she would become weak after losing much blood.

Then, some movements were heard. The guy jumped in his jeep and drove away, with the intention to come back for the head.

Some hunters showed up, but on seeing the sight of the girl, they ran away without offering help. The case could be turned on them.

In a daze, losing blood and already weak, this lady stood up and just began to move in just a particular direction. She got to a particular hut where she got help with herbal care and then she was later moved to town.

Of course, the ‘brother in the Lord’ was nowhere to be found.’ It was from the hospital bed that this lady narrated her ordeal.

You can read about this because she lived to tell her story. How many of these would have happened that the victims never lived to tell the story?

This story is to let you know that meeting a person in church does not automatically translate that you are in God’s will or God’s choice for your life.

You will always be responsible for the choice you make because you will always live with your choice.

There are different kinds of people in the church.

There are sincere people, deceptive people, and deceptive people who want to become sincere. There are newly born again Christians whose minds are not renewed at all. There are Christians who are still very carnal. There are those who are very religious who think being in the choir can insure their habitual sexual compromise. So you see all kind of people.

There are people who come to church not because they want to serve God but because they want a man or a lady.

Tomorrow, I will share with you lessons we can learn from the above story.

Don’t miss it!

I will not fall in love with the wrong person. I will not be meeting the right person at the wrong place.

Ask that God will arrange your meeting with the right person

Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. (Psalms 143:10 KJV)

Review your relationship

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