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Marriages Under Pressure. If you have any of the below wives, then you must work more on your marriage and pray more in your marriage. Interestingly, the weaknesses are actually strength turned inward. So, you want to help bring the best out of your spouse!

1. The Choleric Blooded Wife 

She is reputed to be vivacious, quick-witted, emotionless in her speech and deeds, and capable of surviving on her own. 

She doesn’t require outside inspiration or encouragement. She has a tendency to be quite independent, which can cause conflict in relationships. 

A choleric wife typically has a temperamentally opposed husband. They should therefore learn to play to their abilities and to hide their deficiencies.

Marriages Under Pressure

2. The Career-Oriented Wife 

A woman at the pinnacle of her profession has a tendency to become haughty if caution is not exercised. 

In order to allow his wife to pursue her professional goals to their fullest potential, the husband must feel safe. 

Some husbands may feel so frightened by their wives’ advancement. This heart is not right. Allowing her to go in the greatest direction is ideal. 

Honor for her husband is the crucial word here for her to keep going without issues.  The wife does not become arrogant.

3. The Unyielding Stubborn Wife 

Some wives can be obstinate. In my counseling work, I’ve witnessed wives who will maintain their position despite being shown the scriptures. Of course, there are also stubborn men too.

How can you recognize an obstinate wife? 

Wives who are obstinate don’t talk much; they simply won’t budge. They will simply be staring at you, but they will still act accordingly. 

Also, this is not good. The couple’s prayer life won’t benefit from it.

Marriages Under Pressure

4. The Manipulative Wife

The manipulative wife has a number of tactics at her disposal, such as sobbing, having temper tantrums, withdrawing, droning on and on, refusing sex, and nagging until she gets what she wants. 

She desires the man to line up at all times. 

This is not an ideal marriage. 

5. The Demanding Wife 

This woman is demanding, and difficult, and only pays attention to what she wants or knows. 

Anger is her main weapon. 

She picks fights with everyone who dared to disagree with what she feels because she constantly wants to be told what she wants to hear. 

Her husband constantly worries about what might occur. 

This is a poor mentality that could harm the marriage. 

She has limited knowledge, which is an issue, and she frequently has the wrong desires.


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