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March Into His Presence! Welcome to March! March has always been a special month for us. The month of March was when our ministry was inaugurated. I was still single at the time. 12th March 1998 to be precise, the same day Archbishop Benson Idahosa went home. 

The month of March was when my fiancee, then, said yes!  One of our sons was born on the 1st of March as well. 

God has given us a word for this month. Let’s take a look. 

Psa 95:2 (MSG) Let’s MARCH into his presence singing praises, lifting the rafters with our hymns!

It’s time to March into God’s presence this month! The attitude with which to do that is specifically indicated; We are to do that singing and lifting rafters with our hymns!

What are those issues that have been sources of concern to you? Are there bills you need to pay? Are there debts you need to clear? Are there enormous dreams that seem unrealizable?

Well, I have news for you! March into His presence! Discard complaints and murmuring, rather lift your voice in singing and worship unto the name of the Lord!

The next verse is powerful.

Psa 95:3 (MSG) And why? Because GOD is the best, High King over all the gods.

Why should you Sing? Why should you rejoice in the midst of contradictions and seemingly unanswered prayers?

The answer is right there. God is the best! 

Not just that, He is king over all other gods! 

No other gods or person should scare you. God is King over them. 

He is the best father you can ever have.

This month, you will sing! This month you will rejoice! Something beautiful will surely happen in your life this month in Jesus’ name! 

Make that decision. March into His presence. Practice His presence this month and you will see God doing the best for you!

Good morning! 


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