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Loving Without Unloving God

Ade and Sandra are so much in love. They were both God-loving but something changed the moment they began a relationship. Their relationship with God plummeted. Their prayer life suffered. Bible studies gave way to endless chatting and love poem compositions.

It also happened with the Johnson couple. Once married, their relationship with God suffered.

Where is the balance? What are the issues?

Loving Without Unloving God

Your toasting skill alone will not sustain a relationship. There are things you are going to confront and fight that do not recognize mere romantic rhetoric.

Your ability to trip her and take her to Dubai every weekend and take each other all around the world, do not arrest the enemy of your soul.

Hear this word:

“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” (Psa 127:1, KJV)

The word “house” also means family. Except the Lord builds a family, all the labours of outings, toasting, shopping, all the emotional energy expended, all the times, and more are all in vain, wasted, and gone into oblivion.

In other words, your love equation without God becomes an unsolvable equation.

The next question then “How do you make sure God is the builder of your relationship, marriage or family?

They are so simple. Here are some tips.

Loving Without Unloving God

1. Make sure you put God first place in everything you are going to do. Never ever relegate Him because of some love affair. For example, you use to wake up by 5.00am to pray and worship God, but since you fell in love, prayer time has suffered because of calls and chatting with your lover. If you take notice, you will always be quarreling because something vital is not in place! The same in marriage. You were all on fire for God, but once married, no flicker of light! Ensure you light up your fire, even in marriage!

2. Never allow a relationship, courtship, or marriage to draw you away from God When you do that, it will not work out fine. That is what the scripture says.

3. Do not get involved with someone who doesn’t love God. Do not get involved with someone whose spiritual life you cannot vouch for. Anybody that will snuff out the fire of God in you is not appropriate for you. Don’t even think you can change anybody: when you have not been able to change yourself!

And if you are already married, seek help and counsel.

4. Aside from the salvation experience, ask some other questions. Who are his or her pastors/mentors? Who are his or her friends?

5. What are people around you saying about the relationship? Friends, pastors, respected authority figures, and so on?

Already married? Have a mutual mentor that you speak to from time to time. A successful marriage is never done in isolation.

May God grant us more understanding.


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