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Loving more As Singles And Married. There are practical ways to love that special one more whether you are just in a relationship or you are married. There are things you can do to avoid unnecessary quarrels that can lead to break-ups, separation, or even divorce!  I will like to explore some of these things with the help of the Holy Spirit. I am sure somebody is out there who will learn something.
So how do you love that special one more? Here we go!

Loving More As Singles And Married


1. The leading that you cannot do without
If you are a child of God, you must be led by Him. That is the best way to love that special one! You are not just in it for fun or for a fling, you are there because there is leading.
You see, there is such a thing as being led by God. He leads you, He directs you, and He shows you who to hang out with and who to discard. He becomes your shepherd.
Some people actually assume that God is not interested in their relationship or marriage. Probably God is too busy. Who says?
Listen to me, God is more interested in your relationship and marriage than you are! That’s the truth. Do you know that marriage was not a man’s idea? It was originally God’s idea!
That is why I wonder about those who are attempting to redefine marriage. They are trying to alter what they did not initiate. Confusion is bound to be the order of the day!
Be led, my dear people! There are a lot of things attempting to lead you. Your adrenaline will want to lead you. Your emotions will want to lead you. Your environment will want to lead you. Your friends will want to lead you. Your parents will attempt to lead you.
But listen to me, there is no leading like that leading of the Holy Spirit. He can never lead you wrong. His leading will end in joy. His leading is His perfect will for you!
Oh, what peace engulfs you when you are led by God? It is the peace that passes all understanding!
“And God’s peace [ shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace ] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  (Php 4:7, AMP)
Loving More As Singles And Married. God is the only one that knows the person that will love you now and will still love you in another forty years! He is the only one that knows the person that will be okay with your intelligence, creativity, and sometimes foolishness and stupidity!
You cannot even see beyond your nose. It pays to follow His leading!
How do you know His leading?
It begins with a relationship with God Himself. If you distance yourself from God and His fellowship, you will miss his leading. Then you need to get filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in tongues. That is very important!
When you do that, He would begin to speak to you through His Holy Spirit. When you are with the wrong person, He will tell you. When somebody is deceiving you, He will tell you! He will warn you against the wicked man and froward man whose mouth speaks perverse things. He will warn you against the strange woman who flatters with her mouth but whose path leads to death!
Make up your mind to be led by Him. That is how to avoid heartaches and unnecessary agony!


Loving More As Singles And Married

If you are already married, make sure you continue in His leading in every other area of your life. That would guarantee unending peace. Your continual seeking of His face brings peace into your marriage. Oh yes, I know there are some of you who are married and you think you are with the wrong person. What do you do? Leave such a person? No! God does not want divorce or separation unless you can no longer help it.
You can go back to God, and God can re-write your history. You can fight for your marriage and home in the place of prayer.
Do you have an erring husband? You can handle him in prayer. Do you have an uncooperative wife? Take it to the Lord in prayer.
A lot of God’s children are no longer conscious of the power they possess, and that is in the place of prayer. When last did you go on your knees concerning your spouse? When last did you besiege the heavens, and the angels of God will have no choice but to move in your favour?
You bought her pieces of jewelry and she is still depressed and you are wondering what happened? It is because you didn’t pray in the morning. Loving More As Singles And Married
Fight for your marriage, not by refusing to cook for him or by ignoring her, but by going into your prayer closet.
I tell you, heaven will hear you, and earth will cooperate with you!
Your marriage is blessed!


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