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Lovers’ Danger Zone Exposed

There is a place lovers or couples should not get to! This place is terrible, defeating, frustrating and despicable to say the least!

It is a place where God does not want you. It is a place where the devil and the “people from your village” want you! 

It is a place where God doesn’t want you because in that milieu, favour s lost, prayers are wasted, efforts are futile and life is unrewarding.

It is a place where the devil wants you because it creates a loophole for him and gives him straight access into your life! 

Lovers’ Danger Zone Exposed

Where is this place?

It is a place where all the butterflies that used to flap their wings at the sight of your loved ones have all lost their wings and can’t fly again! 

It is a place where the sound of joy is gone and only lamentations can be heard.

It is a place where rejoicing has withered and only sounds of apathy are left

It is a place where there is no more agreement between the couple, and all they do is quarrel, throw tantrums, and suspect each other.

It is a place where couples live as singles and singles live as couples! 

Lovers’ Danger Zone Exposed

Singles in courtship or married couples, never get to where you no longer love each other, where you are irritated at each other at the slightest interaction, and where the love has moved from exotic to toxic!

Refuse to cooperate with the devil to cause havoc in your life, rather cooperate with God to bring favour and increase into your life 

Gladly follow the path of forgiveness and stop stifling the faith process, which is the avenue through which God will reach you.

Embrace His mercy by being merciful to one another and overlooking offences, rather than brooding on them! 

Stay together, love one another, and refuse to yield to those lustful and adulterous thoughts that are designed to ruin your love story! 

May your story remain glorious and not become a story that touches the heart! 


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