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Love Lifeline: 3 Crucial Choices

Romantic and marital relationships can be interesting!

When two people fall in love, they seem to lose the ability to reason.

You close your eyes to obvious discrepancies, you ignore visible faults and you even disregard counsel, all because you are in love.

Well, like they say, Marriage is always an eye-opener!

Your eyes will open!

But one needs not to wait till then.

I want to attempt to show you three areas where you need to make decisions in the midst of your romantic and marital adventures. These are also relevant to married couples.

Love Lifeline: 3 Crucial Choices

1. Happy, Fulfilled, and Scriptural

Both of you must agree that all decisions made should be scriptural and should leave you happy and fulfilled.

Anything that leaves you guilty, sad, and regretting is a red light!

Both of you must commit to ensuring you do all needed to have a successful relationship.

Be it prayer, fasting, learning, reading, abstaining from sex, or whatever it takes, the two of you should be on the same page.

As married couples, don’t do anything that will leave your spouse unhappy, sad and disappointed.

Love Lifeline: 3 Crucial Choices

2. Correction and Criticism.

If there is any correction or criticism, you should decide to work on it and not ignore what is being presented. Also, criticism should not be seen as an attack.

This is the only way you can both grow.

A relationship where there is not one single correction of expression of dislike is a fake one. It will not last.

Also to note as singles or married, there must be enough regular compliments and appreciation before your corrections can make sense at all. 

Love Lifeline: 3 Crucial Choices

3. Long-term solution

If there is a problem to be solved, there should be a decision to go for a long-term solution and not a temporary one just to let time pass.

Every issue and problem that you apply a short-term solution to is invariably postponed, waiting to be resurrected in marriage.

For example, if there is a bad habit, chances are that you ignore it or once your spouse tells you that he will change later, you forget it, because you are in love.

Don’t make that mistake at all.

Go for counsel. Pray about it. Confront the issue. Don’t sweep it under that carpet.

I pray that God will give your more understanding

May God bless your relationship

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