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A Short Story By Dunamis Okunowo

In The Hole – The Assault. In one deft kick, I sent him sprawling on the ground. He couldn’t believe it. In a melange of consternation and agony, he came for me. I was ready for him and I expected that. His consternation arose from the reality of a lady humiliating him like that, a rather slim lady. His agony from the lethal pain I carefully meted out to him.

I knew something like that might happen at such an ungodly hour. It was a risk I had to take as I was feeling feverish and I couldn’t stay throughout the party. I had to risk it and walk home. My bestie that would have walked me home was as drunk as a fish.

In The Hole – The Assault

This unwanted ally had approached me thinking he had easy meat to fry. He was going to sexually assault me, and I was in no mood for such. Little did he know I was a black belter. 

His consternation and agony morphed into a fearful fury as he saw that I did not run from his charge. He came with his right hand raised and clenched. The mistake of his life. 

He swung his right hand with all his might with the intention to knock me out, and he could have, but I dodged in a very cute way, by bending a little, and that was all the opportunity I needed. My clenched knuckles landed on the region between his thighs. His eyes popped out as he grabbed his balls, then a scream, and then he yelled in vernacular, “Ye mo gbe o, Aje lomo yi o.

I chuckled. It’s not only a witch you will see, you will soon see a wizard. The pernicious knuckles I gave him had him in the hole, writhing in pain. I walked away.

That pain meant nothing to me. All my life had been one of pain. 

In The Hole – The Assault

How did I get here? My early years were all loving and cute until the enemy interrupted me. I used to be a church girl. I still remember my first memory verse. Will never forget it.

Pro 1:10 (KJV) My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

I was just five years old then. Looking back, I had not only consented, but I am now the sinner enticing others. I was holed up in the hole.

It’s not even funny. Mu mum would convulse in her grave to have an inkling of how my life is.

My dad? He is alive but does not exist in my life. I care less. I hate him too.

To be continued tomorrow. 


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