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Identifying and Overcoming Physical Infidelity. Infidelity is a family destroyer. This morning, we begin to attempt to save families by breaking down different kinds of infidelity and then attempting to explain them while also enumerating steps to be taken to stop infidelity.

We begin with physical infidelity. Physical infidelity is when a partner engages in sexual activity with someone other than their partner. This type of infidelity is considered the most traditional and recognizable form of cheating.

Here the line has been crossed and sexual activity is involved. What are the pointers that physical infidelity might be going on?

Identifying and Overcoming Physical Infidelity

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Identifying and Overcoming Physical Infidelity, Here are pointers.

1. Radical changes in behavioral pattern
A partner may start to act differently, such as becoming more secretive or distant, if they are engaging in physical infidelity. 

2. Changes in physical appearance
A partner may start to pay more attention to their physical appearance or dress differently if they are trying to attract someone else. A sharp contrast in general appearance may be a pointer.

3. Unusual spending habits
A partner may start to spend money on new clothes, jewelry, or other gifts for someone else if they are engaging in physical infidelity.

4. Unexpected lateness or absconding
A partner may start to make excuses for being away from home or stay away longer than usual if they are engaging in physical infidelity.

5. Suspicious phone or computer activity
A partner may start to receive more calls or messages than usual or be secretive about their phone or computer activities if they are engaging in physical infidelity. Chats may be deleted and calls may be taken away from partner. 

Please note that you cannot just take one or two scenarios and then jump to conclusion that your spouse is involved in infidelity.

Identifying and Overcoming Physical Infidelity. Let’s take a look at a few ways to stop infidelity.

1. Establish trust and intimacy
Building trust and intimacy in a relationship can help prevent infidelity from happening.

2. Communicate openly and honestly
Communication is key to understanding each other’s needs, feelings, and concerns.

3. Set boundaries
Setting clear boundaries and expectations can help both partners understand what is and isn’t acceptable in the relationship.

4. Seek counseling
A therapist or counselor can help couples work through underlying issues that may be contributing to infidelity.

5. Work on the relationship
It’s important to actively work on the relationship by spending quality time together, understanding each other’s needs and showing appreciation for each other.

6. Be aware of potential temptations
Being aware of potential temptations and avoiding situations that may lead to infidelity can also help prevent it from happening.

7. Be willing to forgive and move on
If infidelity has occurred, it is important to be willing to forgive and move on.

It’s important to keep in mind that infidelity can be a complex issue and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each couple’s situation may require different steps, some may take time and effort to rebuild trust and intimacy, while others may need to seek professional help.

All in all, pray a lot and pay attention to your marriage. 


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