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I Want To Apologize! Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary! God has been good! It has been an interesting journey! There have been ups and downs, but God has taken all the glory all the way! It has been stormy, windy, and dusty, but we are still here, serving the Lord, joyfully and tenaciously holding on to the call.

This morning, I want to apologize!

It’s been 23 years! God is good!

Wow, Pastor has done something really terrible? Well, we’ll see! You love “jist” and you want to know what Pastor has done? See how you are glued to your phone and reading with all rapt attention! lol… sometimes your spouse needs that kind of attention!

This morning, I want to quickly address married couples and singles! I want to bring out some choice words from the intricacies of my heart this morning as we take the 23rd floor of the marital mansion!

Back to my apology! I want to apologize to all the wives on KHC and beyond…

To all the wives, I want to apologize on behalf of your husband. I know some of you are hurt, oh…hurt is an understatement. Deeply hurt and intensely too. You’ve been keeping on the appearances, just going through the religious and domestic motions…but very disappointed and lacking energy within. Hurt and bitter. It’s just that you can’t get better by being bitter! You’ve attempted to cover the tears with powder and pomade. I want to say sorry! You have hibernated into your shell and withdrawn your affection! Sorry! Perhaps, you have begun or beginning to channel your thoughts to another…hey! It’s a trap to entangle your soul!

To all husbands, I want to apologize on behalf of your wives! She may not even know she has offended you, but you are withdrawn emotionally and just acting alone. You are succumbing to the trap of the stranger’s bosom gradually! Hey! It’s not the way to go! It’s the way of ruin! Focus only on her breasts…that is what you are covenanted to!

You have been disrespected and she doesn’t seem to understand! Sorry! You are the man! Brace up and give leadership by forgiving. Show the way by being faithful to the wife of your youth!

I Want To Apologize!

To all singles, I want to apologize to God! Many singles who are in “courtship” have deserted the “ship” and only “court” is left, courting disaster! Lord, I say sorry!

The bed has been desecrated, without remorse! It has become a form of greeting yourselves! This is not the faith handed over to us! Sex has become the sustenance of courtship, the spree is unending! Oral sex is the norm and you crave for the taste…how that is held confidently in private and microphone held in public day after day without a dint of repentance requires your pause, stop and return to the Almighty, for you have left Him for too long, and things go awry for those who leave Him!

Shall we enter the room of kinky sex and BDSM? Oh no, that is a forbidden area, akin to the evil forest of the olden days that no Homo Sapien is authorized to trudge!

Dear wife, he is sorry! Find a place for forgiveness, that you do not become headless!

Dear husband, she is sorry! Embrace her, and let her be your help and not your hell.

Dear singles, it’s time to say to your Lord and the lover of your soul, we are sorry! It’s time to make amendments and follow the book! God loves you and will forgive all misdemeanors and won’t even remember again upon repentance!

Let the turnaround begin in our relationships! Let the healing begin in our marriage! This is my prayer for you as we celebrate our 23rd anniversary today!

My family with the Ekines

May God bless you today and always! Don’t forget to share this devotional on Facebook, WhatsApp, and groups if it blesses you!

Have a fantastic worship experience today!


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