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I Have No More Feelings For My Lover. I’m no longer in love with my spouse! No more feelings!

It’s okay, it’s not an issue!

The reality is that the “giz giz” sentiments you felt when you first met your partner are fleeting.

Nothing is as volatile as emotions.

So you’re married and it appears like your affections have faded?

It is not an issue.

It only becomes a problem, and a potentially deadly one, when you begin to seek new “feelings” outside of your marriage.

I Have No More Feelings For My Lover

While feelings may not always be present, one thing that must always be continuous and present is commitment!

Be committed to your partner, regardless of your sentiments.

As long as you stay dedicated, the sensations will return.

Never look for sentiments outside of your own home.

That will not make God happy.

Decide to ONLY FOCUS on your partner.

Every other appeal is a trap designed to tire you out, drain your marital and spiritual energies, distract you, and cause you to forfeit God’s benefits.

That young lady you’ve developed feelings for is a hellish orchestration designed to appeal to and feed your weakness, finally rendering you “unblessed!”

Be prudent.

Don’t let yourself or your family down this year.

That polite and “understanding” coworker or guy is a magnificent plot from Satan to derail your walk with God, and your work on earth, and transform grace into humiliation.

Be astute.

I Have No More Feelings For My Lover

Make “hard” demands on yourself.

Accepting doubtful and unneeded presents from men will weaken your willpower, dim your logic, and confuse your soul.

I am hoping for your continued strength!

Make a decision.

Consider this a litmus test.

Is there anything you’re keeping from your spouse? Are you “reporting” your spouse to your parents, friends, and colleagues, and your spouse has no idea? That indicates a problem that must be addressed.

Make a promise to hide nothing, yes, nothing from your spouse, and you will be shocked at how free and blessed you will become!

Have a blessed day!


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