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How Words Can Shape Your Love Life 

This morning, I want to delve into a crucial principle outlined in the scriptures, one that guarantees daily victory in our work, relationships, marriages, and life in general.

The power lies in the words we speak. Uttering words with our mouths is a potent force that steers the course of our lives.

These spoken words possess such influence that they can overwhelm our lives, shaping and controlling the events that unfold. Recognizing this, Jesus Christ emphasized the significance of words, stating,

“It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63, KJV).

From the moment of birth, we emit sounds as a sign of life. As we grow, words form, marking our progression. In relationships, words play a pivotal role, from expressing romantic interest to exchanging vows on a wedding day. Marriage thrives on a consistent exchange of loving words.

Even in matters of faith, confessing certain words is essential. The act of proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus brings about a powerful experience.

Proverbs 13:2-3 underscores the significance of words in the spiritual realm. Positive affirmations lead to a fruitful life, while negative expressions open the door to destructive forces.

In the spiritual dimension, the devil understands the potency of words. He endeavors to inject negative thoughts, hoping they find verbal expression. Verbalizing negativity transforms thoughts into tangible experiences.

The crucial question to ponder is, “What are you saying?” Proverbs admonishes that by keeping our mouths, we safeguard our lives. Therefore, monitoring our speech becomes imperative.

Avoid statements like:

  • “I don’t even understand my life.”
  • “I am very confused.”
  • “I think there is a curse working against me.”

Negative words give power to undesirable experiences. Refrain from using hurtful words in relationships. Never belittle your partner with demeaning remarks or indulge in verbal abuse.

For singles enduring verbal abuse, seek help. Recognize that such behavior often worsens after marriage. If your intended partner consistently employs hurtful words, consider seeking counseling.

Words are potent and must be used responsibly. Don’t stay in love with someone whose words consistently demotivate and weaken you.

May understanding abound, and may our words be a source of life and encouragement.

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