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How To Understand Your Lover and Spouse. I often wondered which planet my spouse came from after my wedding! Interestingly, there is this thing that tells you before the wedding that you know your loved one through and through! Ha Ha Ha! I laugh in the Holy Ghost. Wait till you are married! Don’t believe that thing o!

I will attempt to address both single and married. The subject of understanding one’s spouse is so key in any relationship or marriage! 

Why do you even need to understand one another? It’s simple, you are so different from one another. Opinions, perspectives, leanings, and preferences will be so diverse you will often wonder how your significant other is thinking! 

How To Understand Your Lover and Spouse

When God wanted to stop the progress of super brilliant humans while building the Tower of Babel, of which God Himself testified that they will achieve their goal, He went for their “understanding!”

Gen 11:7 (KJV)
Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not UNDERSTAND one another’s speech.

When the devil wants to tinker with your relationship or marriage, he tries to touch your “understanding!”

You must make effort to understand one another! 

You need to understand that your lover or spouse wants to be understood. There is a need for everybody to be understood. 

Oh yeah, most women don’t even understand themselves, and yet they want their husbands to understand them, is that not unfair?

Well, you need to know that all your wife wants is to feel that you are willing to understand her.

How To Understand Your Lover and Spouse

In other to understand one another, you must have a listening ear! You must be able to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse! 

Stop saying you already know what they want to say! Are you the Holy Spirit? Let them talk! And Listen! 

Listen with eyeball-to-eyeball contact. Put your phones aside. Show that you care! 

After your lover has spoken, regurgitate the words back to show you really got the message! 

Make sure you reply with sentences explaining what you thought they have just said.

Don’t just say ok! 

Ok? Lol…

God bless you today! 

Use REVIVE prayers below to pray on Understanding your lover or spouse!

Assignment For How To Understand Your Lover and Spouse

Ask your spouse to list three ways they feel you don’t understand them or three ways they feel you need to understand them more.


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