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How to Spot a Faulty Love Life . There are signs that show a friendship probably won’t lead to marriage.

There are signs along the way that a relationship will end or crash.

Most of the time, these signs are clear, but when we are “in love,” we don’t notice them.

The man who will end up hitting you would have given you hints when you were dating.

He would have given you a few hits and punches here and there, but you probably let him off the hook because you thought he would change.

The woman who will bother you all day and night probably gave you hints, but you must have just thought it was her personality.

How to Spot a Faulty Love Life

If a woman didn’t care about your goals and dreams, she would have shown it, but you were so in love with her that all you could see were her hot legs.

The Holy Spirit will often try to guide us and let us know when something is wrong in a relationship. But if we think, “I know everything,” then there’s nothing God can do.

Because He is fair, God will always let you choose for yourself. He won’t change what you want. If God can stop us from doing what we want to do, then everyone should be made to be born again and accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

How to Spot a Faulty Love Life

God won’t do that, though. But if you ask Him and listen to Him, He will always lead, direct, and help you.

I’ll talk about one area where problems often show up, but we don’t pay attention to them: spiritual life.

You need to be very careful with him if his spiritual life is weak and nothing to write home about.

If she doesn’t care about God, she should just watch it.

If he or she doesn’t value God’s word by reading and studying it regularly, there is definitely something wrong.

If he or she doesn’t go to church often, that’s a very bad sign.

Don’t let love make you lose your mind.

He only drinks when he is upset. Really?

He doesn’t use hemp to calm down. Instead, he smokes a few cigarettes. Really?  

She is always busy, so she doesn’t go to church.

You are dating, but only both of you know about it. Nobody else! There’s something wrong with that.

You’re dating, but he or she doesn’t call much, sometimes for weeks. Well, if you go into marriage like that, you should already know what you’re getting into.

I’ve always said this: Marriage doesn’t make anyone different.

Already married and bad issues are cropping up? The you want to see help quickly in marriage counseling. The issues you ignore are waiting and brooding into more complex issues, so its better to address them as they show up!

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